The Birds

Introduction: The Birds

--Purchase hooded sweatshirts in the color of the bird that you would like to create.
--Purchase feather boas from Joanne Fabrics to match sweatshirts.  The fuller the boa, the quicker the project.  Dollar stores have them, but they are pretty flimsy.
--Feather boas have a string running through them.  Hand sew (or use a sewing machine if you so desire,) boas onto the front of sweatshirts, around arms, and around hood, using a whip stitch.  It is not necessary to have feathers on the back.
--I ordered a raven, chicken, and parrot beak from  Peacock beak was created out of duct tape, coat hanger, and elastic.
--Plain white cardboard masks were ordered from oriental trading company.  We painted them with acrylic paint to get the desired effect.
--Also ordered peacock feathers from oriental trading company.  Glued them onto cardboard, and attached to back of sweatshirt with double stick velcro.  For this costume, it is especially important not to sew boas onto the back, otherwise the velcro will not be able to hold the cardboard / feathers.
--When you put the sweatshirt on, pull draw string hood tight, tie, and tuck laces into neck of the sweatshirt.

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