The Birth of a Fresh Water Surfboard




Introduction: The Birth of a Fresh Water Surfboard

For a complete step by step on building your own surfboard, I defer to the King himself: Andrew W. I followed his steps to make my first fresh water surfboard, intended for the Great Lakes. Find Andrew W's Youtube series on building a surfboard here.

I picked up a block of foam from the hardware store, epoxied it together, cut out the rocker profile with a hot wire foam cutter (with wood stencils on the sides as guides), sanded it to shape, added a couple layers of fibreglass and epoxy, sanded, added fin boxes and a leash plug, and took it out on the lake!



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    3 Discussions

    stoked!! great looking stick! great video too! just watching someone build one is all any crafty person needs to build their own. perfect! thanks!!

    Badass! You are truly a craftsman

    Very cool. This turned out looking fantastic!