The Black Plague




This year, Bindlestiff and I went as the The Black Plague for Halloween. I was a plague victim and he was a plague doctor.

Plague victim: Medieval dress and Venetian style mask with boils. The mask was made by taking a blank mask, forming the features out of salt dough and crayola model magic, and then covering the whole thing with papier mache and painting it.

Plague Doctor: Bindlestiff made his mask using these instructions:
The coat was a thrift store trenchcoat. I sewed his wimple using these simple directions: The stick was made from a dowel, tapered at the end by sanding and then painted black. The hat was shaped out of cardboard and then he glued black felt to it.

How do we know these were good costumes? We made several children cry with them!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    If you wanted to make a historically-ish correct mask you should've gone with leather. The one you were using is the Venetian representation. The Black Plague doctors were more known for their Leather masks. Also The Black Plague is a Plague, not a doctor. Its more commonly known as Plague Doctor.

    However you did a great job on the mask, however the title and the mask don't fit together. I do see where you're going though!

    1 reply

    Im sure he didnt want to make a accurate costume.... anyway:

    For a historicall accurate Plague Doctor:

    1.Never use Black, always brown.

    2.Use Leather no Fabric


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The coat came from a thrift store and we made a wimple using a pattern online called "simple wimple" - very easy to put together.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    What was done for the plague doc's coat? I'm seriously considering this for Halloween, but if so I need to get on it NOW.