The Blackout a Knex Assault Rifle


Introduction: The Blackout a Knex Assault Rifle

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I decided that a compact lightweight gun would be a fun thing to try (instead of my usual yellow rod shooters) so I made the blackout a white rod firing weapon that has a super light weight design with a hollow stock and a small internals to make this weapon just over one and a half pounds. In all I think it turned out very well and is one of the better looking guns in the community and performs just as well.

35-40 ft
30 round white rod mag
Compact stock
Optional fake big box mag
Banana mag
Great iron sights

Does anyone like the pics any pic ideas anything?



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    It throws off the look of the gun for me but hey, if it looks good to you thats what matters!

    I think it will look just as great with / without the stock :-)

    You're definitely getting better, no doubt about that.
    But I personally don't like this one. The shooting part (let's call it that) itself is okay. It's just that stock... You have this pretty cool small smg size weapon. But then comes the stock that's like one and a half times the size of the gun itself.
    I don't know, I just don't like its looks.
    You've posted some great looking guns, but, in my opinion, this isn't one of them.

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    Yeah I knew someone was gonna bring that up. The long stock is for two reasons 1 I have long arms 2 I build the stock first and the other end last and I was running low on parts (I have two pistols built also)

    Yeah but my guns are looking similar again and I'm running out of ideas

    Your getting much better with each gun. Great job

    Thanks all though I doubt I will ever be that good and for replicas idk I never had any urge to make one