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Are you interested in creating delicious, healthy, affordable blended drinks? We have three different options for you: a veggie smoothie, a fruit smoothie, or a milkshake. There is a green smoothie called Green Vibrance, a fruit smoothie called Strawberry SurfRider, and a PB&J milkshake. This is especially helpful for young adults who are on a budget!

Step 1: How to Make a Green Smoothie: Green Vibrance

Veggie Smoothie: Green Vibrance

Students who are on a budget but still want a healthy drink that is quick will want to make the Green Vibrance smoothie. Since there are only a few ingredients and tools, this smoothie will be a simple process for any college student.

Tools: blender, knife, cutting board, measuring cup

Caution: Please proceed with caution while using a blender and knife.

Ingredients: banana, spinach, milk

Step 1: Get ingredients together.

Step 2: Wash spinach leaves.

Step 3: Peel the banana and cut in half.

Step 4: Cut one half of the banana into horizontal slices.

Step 5: Measure out 1 cup of milk.

Step 6: Pour milk into blender.

Step 7: Put banana slices in blender.

Step 8: Take 2 cups of spinach leaves and place in blender.

Optional: Place 3 ice cubes in the drink if you want it to be cold!

Step 9: Turn on and cover the blender and blend for approximately 30 seconds on high.

Step 10: Pour into a glass and enjoy!

For extra help, here is a video tutorial:

Step 2: How to Make a Fruit Smoothie: Strawberry SurfRider

Simply Fruit Smoothie: Strawberry SurfRider

This is a traditional smoothie made with fruits and juice (frozen sherbet optional) for low-budget college students who crave a sweet yet tart blended treat. A student can save money by creating this Jamba Juice classic on their own.

Tools: blender, knife, measuring cup

Caution: Please proceed with caution while using a blender and knife.

Ingredients: canned peaches, lemonade, lime sherbet (optional), lime sherbet

Step 1: Gather ingredients.

Step 2: Cut strawberries with a knife.

Step 3: Rinse the strawberries.

Step 4: Measure strawberries (1 cup) and measure peaches (½ cup).

Step 5: Pour the lemonade into the blender (2 cups).

Step 6: Add 1 cup of strawberries to the blender.

Step 7: Add ½ cup of peaches to the blender.

Optional: Add frozen lime sherbet (3 scoops).

Optional: Add ice.

Step 8: Blend for approximately 30 seconds on high.

Step 9: Pour servings and enjoy!

Step 3: How to Make a Milkshake: Disney Style Peanut Butter and Jelly

Disney Style Peanut Butter and Jelly Milk Shake

This milkshake from Disney World’s “50’s Prime Time Cafe” is a fantastic treat for those who want a little variety in their milkshakes while on a budget. Requiring only four major ingredients, this recipe doubles as sandwich ingredients for a very cost effective snack.

Tools: blender, table spoon, measuring cup, liquid measuring cup, freezer (optional)

Caution: Please proceed with caution while using a blender and knife.

Ingredients: creamy peanut butter, grape jelly, milk, vanilla ice cream (or soft serve,) whipped cream (optional), ice (if using soft serve)

Step 1: Gather ingredients and store in freezer until use (optional.)

Step 2: Measure out a cup of ice cream.

Step 3: Place two of these cups of ice cream into blender.

Step 4: Take two tablespoons of peanut butter and empty them around the ice cream.

Step 5: Clean spoon and take two tablespoons of grape jelly and place them around the ice cream.

Step 6: Clean liquid measuring cup, and measure out one liquid cup of milk..

Step 7: Pour one cup of milk into the blender.

Step 8: Cover the top of the blender as you blend these ingredients together for 30 seconds on high.

Step 9: Pour your dessert into a glass.

Step 10: Place whipped cream on top if you are using it and enjoy!



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    4 years ago

    Delicious looking smoothies! I'm definitely going to try them!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Mmm... those sound like yummy smoothies. Thanks for sharing the recipes! I hope we see more from you on Instructables in the future!