The BlokClok Concept - Arduino Driven RGB Abstract Clock

About: Hi, my name is Mike and I am from London, England. I really like to make things and in particular like to do creative things with Arduinos and electronics. Other hobbies include astrophotography and sailing....

Arduino driven clock concept. Unique concept using an 8x8 RGB Dot Matrix Display. The time is indicated using blocks of colour. The central 6x6 grid is split into 4 x (3x3) grids and each 3x3 block is a different colour. The number of LED's per 3x3 grid indicate the digit. i.e. if the first 3x3 grid has 1 LED lit then the first digit is 1, the second has 7 then the 2nd digit is 7, etc. The top two grids are the hour digits and the bottom 2 the minutes. Around the edge the unused LED's have a moving light that shows the approximate position of the seconds.

The display is driven by 4 x 74HC595 Shift Registers controlled from the Arduino. Each register controls a colour (r, g & B) with the final register multiplexing the rows. The time is obtained from an DS1307 Real Time Clock chip with battery backup so that the device can be powered down and will resume at the correct time when powered back up again.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice clocks!! Yes the wires are a 'rats nest' right now but then it is a prototype. Once i've made a nice schematic for it (including the current limiting resistors of course) I will make a nice and small PCB for it.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting . . . Alternative ways of displaying the time are always fascinating. I'm not so sure about the random blocks for each digit. It must make the clock harder to read than it would be if you had a fixed symbol for each number. As you say, it's hard to distinguish the colours on the video - What colour is showing the seconds. (BTW, who's the guitarist.)

    1 reply

    You're the 2nd person to say that. I like the random dots it means you get random 'art' too. It would be relatively easy to make the clock have 2 modes, one with a random LED placement and one with set patterns. The colour for the seconds is white. The colours don't show up very well on my crappy camcorder i'm afraid.