The Boy Scouts of America Pumpkin!

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I was inspired by the BSA to carve this pumpkin. I thought it would be a challenging logo to complete and have a neat outcome.

For the eagle I used a knife, thin scrubber (to get all of the gunk out once carved in the small areas), and a few other tools.

For the fleur de lise surrounding the eagle I used a special bit on my dremel to slowly grind away the pumpkin.

The shield on the eagle is a separate piece, as you can see.

[ BSA info]
Fleur-de-lis: symbolizes a compass needle. The needle points the Scout in the right direction, which is onward and upward.
Two stars: The stars symbolize truth and knowledge
Eagle with an American shield: the eagle and shield symbolize freedom and readiness to defend it.

I hope you enjoyed this slideshow, feel free to rate, comment, and ask any questions about my carving!


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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I was in the boy scouts for several years and was one of the few that earned my Eagle Scout. It is totally worth all the work invovled in it. Great Instructable, and keep up the great work...I'll be voting for ya!

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    my church has these Christmas activity scenes and im repainting the props (and rebuilding the camels for the scene with the wise men)so far ive got most of the repainting done and started on the the camels heres what they look like set up (if your not already at the scenes just click on "projects" at the top then scroll down till you find the Christmas scenes paragraph and click on the blue hyperlink)


    the "projects" should be "current projects"and the start up page with the angels from the Christmas scenes is not the Christmas scene page

    Great job man! stay with scouts, here's a quote you may or may not hear at your COH: Give back to scouting more than it has given to you.

    I've heard of that one and I'm still active in scouting (planning on going to camp Davy Crockett in rogersville tn, the last week of June. )

    It was, i'm now an eagle scout ( glad that boarder review is over) now I have to live through the seramony ( I have stage fright so I'm a little nervus about it)

    I just finished mine late November, it takes a lot of planning, good luck! (Don't look at anyone in the crowd in the eye, scan at the back wall if you are making a speech. It's a lot easier!)

    Thanks for your response! I did this carving yesterday, at least 3 years since my last carving. I am also an Eagle Scout. What troop were you in? I've added a lot more pictures, but the site has not updated it yet.