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Introduction: The Buzz Bomb Funeral Rocket

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From "Last Dance" - We Put the FUN in Funerals! Spread your ashes in style with this crematory rocket. Looks much cooler on the mantle than a stuffy, old urn...while you're waiting to use it. Finally get that rocket ride that you've always wanted, and go out with a "Bang"! Here is a link to the YouTube video:

Step 1: First, Build an Estes Model Rocket.

Use a "Big Daddy" kit, ranked 2 out of 5 on the skill level, or a "V-2" kit, ranked #3. Build the rocket but leave out the parachute and all related paraphernalia, since it won't be coming back! Glue the E12-0 engine in place. Insert a firework 'mortar shell' on top of the engine.

Step 2: Decorate, Fill With Ashes, Light It Off!

Sprinkle some remains of your beloved on top, write some farewell notes, attach the nosecone, insert fuse or Estes igniter and send it off! Spectacular finish to a wonderful life. Perfect for Baby Boomers who want to go out with a bang!

Step 3:



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    10 Discussions

    I've had this concept ready for the past 15 years. I built a 4" diameter, 54" long high power rocket, flying on a K550. It will require my son to be Level 2 certified. And can only be launched from one location. The field where I flew rockets for the past 15 years.

    Haha! The only thing that went wrong is that we had 3 camcorders recording it and no one caught the magnificent explosion. I was saying " uh oh" because I thought it would go off sooner and it was starting to come down on us. It was the prototype so now I know to make the delay shorter. Thanks for the input!

    Try the Estes booster (first stage) rocket engines. No explosion to expel the chute, it just sends sparks out to ignite the second stage.

    Exactly, I am using an E series booster engine for my final flight!

    What, you're not convinced that you're going to die? It did work perfectly, but the final product will have a shorter delay. Rest in Pieces! Haha

    I'm not convinced that this is a remotely respectful or appropriate way of spreading ashes. Personally, I hope when I die, my ashes are scattered over my garden, and definaitally dont want them sent up in a firework

    Right, this is for people who want their ashes sent up in a rocket and scattered over a wide area. Personally, since the rocket won't hold all the ashes, I want some scattered in my backyard, some buried at my tombstone, etc. I even thought about having 2 or 3 tombstones, at different cemeteries, just as a practical joke. I can't take death too seriously.

    well each to each's own I guess

    I can agree on not taking death too seriously though. I'd quite like a spring loaded coffin filled with confetti. and maybe some self inflating helium balloons.

    Always makes me chuckle thinking of time team in 200 years digging that up, and my decomposed body being propelled at them along with confetti and balloons.