The CI1



About: I`m a total n00b on this site. Give me a few months and maybe I`ll be able to graduate from n00b to amateur, eh?

This is my first k`nex attempt so please don`t be mean: I`ve seen some of the things people say on other places and it`s kind of discouraging for newbies like myself. This one isn`t an istructable yet but if I get some positive feedback I`ll make it one.
This is the CI1 (Crossbow Imitation 1: This is my first attempt). I`m still trying to find the right lenght ammo for it but  it can shoot over 50 feet using the long grey rods. Not the best I know and its not sturdy but I`m still modifying it. It`s hard to find time between school and basketball but I`ll eventually get the completed version up.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    It`s sort of like a crossbow except it does not have the distinct arms. You can`t see it in these pictures but there`s rubber bands attatched from tire to tire that pulls back to the black part of the trigger in picture 2. I`m trying to improve the trigger mech but I can`t seem to get whats from my mind to real life.

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