The Closeness Ring: Wireless Powered Fiber Optic Ring



Introduction: The Closeness Ring: Wireless Powered Fiber Optic Ring

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It is chrismas eve and yours truly is too engrossed in the process of playing with the ESP32 . while playing with something of interest, time flies. Yours truly did not realised it was past dinner time (yes, chinese takeaways not ordered) and there was 100+ missed calls and messages from his missus. to make the matter worst, missus's Christmas present is no where in sight because of an oversight. time is running short to make up with her by making something for her.

Not to worry, the closer ring comes to the rescue! The closer ring (receiver) will be presented to her, and the transmitter will be hidden in the palm of yours truly. when her hand come closer to yours truly, the closer ring will light up. the closer it gets, the greater the intensity of the LED light. sounds cheesy??
just don't tell her the closer ring was made in the span of 15mins.

parts needed

1. transmitter will be the jewel joule thief that is made of a 2N3055 transistor, 30 turns of enamel wire (magnet wires, transformer wires) coils, and 1.5V battery.

2. the receiver aka the closer ring is made with a 3mm ultra bright blue LED, 30 turns of enamel wire coils, and side glow fiber optics.

p/s: ooops... i forgot i don't have a missus/gf/wife and christmas eve dinner was a sandwich eaten on the office desk.

Step 1: The Closer Ring: Receiver Side


1. take a 3mm LED, and a 3mm diameter side glow fiber optics cable. coil fiber optics cable on a cylinder shape object. Use leads from LED to secure side glow fiber optics in shape.

2. use enamel wires to make 30 turns on the same cylindrical object. the insulator at the ends of enamel wires are scrapped off.

3. assemble the led and fiber optics contraption with the coils made with enamel wires. secure the one lead from the LED to the lead of enamel wire, repeat for the other side.

Step 2: The Closer Ring: Transmitter Side

To make the transmitter coil, first make 15 turns of the enamel wire on the same cylindrical object used, give about 4cm excess to make a tap, and then continue with another 15 turns of the enamel wire.

insulator of the enamel wire at the leads and the center tap are scrapped off.

2N3055 transistor is used in the transmitter side.

one lead is secured to the B (Base) of the 2N3055 transistor

the other lead is secured to the C (Collector) of the 2N3055 transistor

The -ve (black) of the 1.5v battery is attached to the E (Emitter) of the2N3055 transistor

the +ve (red) of the 1.5v battery is attached to the center tap of the coils that is made with 30turns worth enamel wire.

savour the moment. yours truly sincerely hopes that you remember dearly her facial expression in awe when she wears the closer ring and the "magic" happens.

merry christmas 2015!

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