The Camcorder Clip





Today I´ll be showing you how to make the The Camcorder Clip©.
It started of when I needed a clip to put on like a cap, for example when your shoting somebody.

I think i´m the first one to do this on Instructables.

I´ll post a video of the whole thing. :D

You can use it as I said like a shot cam clip. Or if you play the guitar you put it on the head.
Pretty much everything, and I´ll be glad to see what you came up with!

Cheers! :D
 (I sound like an (bloody) briton)

Step 1: Materials

For this Instructable you´ll need:

1/4 Screw(To fit in the tripod hole)
2x Washers(Optional)


2x Hand
10mm key

Step 2:

Put the screw into one of the holes in the clip.

Step 3:

Put on the washers.(Optional)

Step 4:

Put on the nut and tighten with an 10mm key.

Step 5:

Your done!

Please I´ll be glad to see yours!
And if you came up with an upgrade show it!



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