The Cat in the Hat Hand Art

Introduction: The Cat in the Hat Hand Art

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Celebrating Dr. Seuss can be lots of fun, and this iconic character is the one! The Cat in the Hat is here and now! It'll be fun to paint this character, but you have to know how!

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Step 1: Outline

First, I sketched out the entire piece with a white eyeliner pencil. You can also sketch lightly with white paint.

Step 2: White Parts

Now, using white paint (Mehron Paradise), I filled in the white parts.

Step 3: Red Parts

Then, using red (Beach Berry by Mehron Paradise), I filled in the red parts, including the stripes on his hat, and his bow tie.

Step 4: Black Parts

Now, I went into my black to outline the Cat's body, and added fur a la Dr. Seuss style! Then, I continued with the Cat's features, including his eyes, nose, mouth, and whiskers.Oh, and don't forget his gloves!

Step 5: Blue Background

Finally, I gave the rest of my hand a blue background, just like the original book cover! I used blue from Snazaroo and a bit of Urban Decay Electric shadow in Chaos to give the background some depth.

Step 6: It's the Cat in the Hat!

Now, this cat is ready to bask in his 60th anniversary glory! Of course, the book was written back in 1957, so this year, 2017, marks 60 years of Dr. Seuss' iconic character ever!

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