The Center of the Universe (board Game)

Introduction: The Center of the Universe (board Game)

This game i came up with after playing a different peg-board game. Hope you like it

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Step 1: Materials

you will need
-a sharpie
-wood (at least 5" wide)
-a drill (about 1/8")
-a compass
-a protractor
-red and blue paint/ marker

Step 2: Cut and Mark the Wood

cut the wood to be square. mine was mine was five and a half inches

Now the hard part. First find the center. Then make a circle half an inch from the edge.
After that mark a line through the diameter of the circle. Divide the line into fourths so you should have five marks.
Divide the circle into tenths (36 degrees each)

draw another circle half an inch from the outside of the circle mark two places for home pegs

Step 3: Drill and Draw

drill 1/8" where you marked about 1/4" down
paint like the picture

Step 4: The Pegs and Dice

Lets let the paint dry and find some pegs. I used pegs from battleship. they just need to be red and blue.
The red ones were easy the blue I had to color with a sharpie

The dice was a challenge. I really liked this one:.
It just needs to have numbers one to three in the color red and one to three in the color blue.

This one uses sharpie on the white sides and paint in the unwanted holes.

Step 5: Time to Play

Set up the red pegs in the red slot and the blue pegs in the blue slots.

roll the dice if you get your color you can either move that number OR get a guy out of home. played a lot like sorry.
If you don't get your color you don't move

If you land on your opponent they go back to the beginning. You can't land on yourself.

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