This Is the Pegboard You Need As a Beginner DIY'er!

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This project is pretty self explanatory and took me less that 24 hours to build! I built this because I love the look of pegboards and i wanted to make a double sided one.

After all, I think I'm still going to buy a pegboard for my workshop desk but it was a fun project Update: SEE STEP #2

BTW the flashlight you see in one picture is also home-made and it will be the next project I release

If you want to see more of these kinds of projects make sure to check out my Instructables page and subscribe :)

EDIT: I already posted the flashlight this is the link:

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Step 1: Check Out My New Pegboard!!!

I've made a detailed Instructable about the "Home-Made Magnetic Pegboard" which you can see here if you're interested

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