The Cheaper/Easier Ghillie Suit.




Because of the amount of supposedly "easy to make" ghillie suit instructables which actually require lots of time and patience I decided to post my way of making a cheap and easy ghillie suit. This type is more suited for leafy vegetation rather than say wheat fields. This type of ghillie suit looks a lot like the picture; unfortunately I have no camera at the moment so we'll have to make do with that for now. Here we go. This is my first instructable so go easy on me ;)

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Step 1: The Stuff.

First youre going to need some stuff. What you need is strong needle and thread, some camo netting (get some thats pre-treated with fire retardant) and flight suit or some DPMs for the base material to make your ghillie suit. The flight suit/DPMs are an important part of the ghillie suit but you may also want to get some boots and headgear as well. If this is the case get a boonie hat for head gear and some jungle boots (add gloves to that list). The gear is relatively cheap if you get it from an army surplus store so I suggest you get it there. Before we start attaching netting to it remember to sew some pockets on the inside and pad the knees and elbows if youre going to do a lot of crawling around. If not dont worry about it. Its also a smart idea to get a camelback and sew in a pouch for it on your back and if you dont want a boonie hat attach a hood to your suit before covering.

Step 2: Putting It Together.

Now it’s time to piece it together. You want a fairly decent amount of netting as to cover your entire ghillie suit. Sew it everywhere you need/want. Also use some mesh to cover your face.

Step 3: And You're Done.

Thats pretty much how to do it. It usually takes about an hour or two depending on how fast you work but yeah.

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    31 Discussions

    I've gotta say I like this idea very much. What would you recommend I use for padding the elbows/knees?

    I'm going to sew a hood onto a BDU, because I'm looking for something that looks like the Russian Ghillie suit from Battlefield Bad Company 2, but I'm just hoping its gonna camouflage me well enough for paintball sniping.

    On a side recommendation, If you're gonna sew pockets inside the BDU(Being that you won't be able to use the outside ones, not only because there will be netting over them, but because whatever's in them might hurt you when you crawl), you could just unsew the outside pockets and reuse them inside, so at least the fabric will match, and you won't need extra fabric.

    PS: I might include O.D. paracord into this design, possibly to cover a drag handle which I will add on the back of the collar, since the stuff is useful and looks damn awesome.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Turn the jacket inside out.....pockets are now on the inside, and you REALLY shouldn't see the jacket anyway. M.Sgt. USAF104-TCS


    3 years ago

    i've tried creating my own ghillie suit but it just takes too much time. i guess i'm not too patient doing some nitty gritty stuff. 2 years ago i bought a suit from but after couple of huntings, it tore down. last year, i bought from and wore it few times. so far i'm having great experience. hope it lasts longer than the one i got from ebay.

    bulls eye ghillie.jpg

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I watched a show on the military channel, and snipers usually have the basic twine that they attach to the net, then they attach brush, plants, etc that they find in the field. Then they can use their ghillie suit in many environments because the piece it together in the same environment that they hide.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    u dont need camo netting. go to walmart and buy 6x6 decrotive fish net. like 2 bucks...this works but where i play (bad karma lebenon tennessee) u might as well take brush and staple it to bdu' but seriously take fish net and a buch of multicolored twine (green brown etc) and tie 6 in pieces on to it all over. time consuming but worth it

    1 reply

    "Because of the amount of supposedly "easy to make" ghillie suit instructables which actually require lots of time and patience I decided to post my way of making a cheap and easy ghillie suit."

    Did you actually read it? He SAID this was a way to make a cheap one that WASN'T time consuming. Although I applaud your creativity, I'm afraid you should've read what he said. PLUS, well, if you think about it, 1 type of ghillie suit isn't going to blend in *everywhere*. A ghillie suit made in the type you described would blend in mostly in wheat fields(Or forests of weeping willows, *IF* those exist). One as Valdravulfr is teaching us to make would blend in better with live foliage(or dead foliage, depending on the color of the camo netting).

    That's the great thing about this Instructables; these nets come pre-made in a LARGE variety of colors, so as long as you match it to your BDUs, you can match any environment you choose vs YOUR idea, which requires either dying large quantities of twine(or burlap, as I've seen people do), or buying a LARGE amount of different colors.

    BJORN14Wolf Seril

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thats how I made mine in sniper school.... So not sure what kind of suit you're talking about.

    Ironman77Wolf Seril

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    what do you think a ghille suit is? It may not be the 1st choice but if done right it can be very affective.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I made my own g suit and it was about 9 dollars. camelbak cheapest price 49.00 $ real cheap but other than that it does look really good very camo

    You can order it or buy it at lots of sport shops, military surplus stores, and war surplus stores like Smith&Edwards.
    cool instructable by the way!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    then u need for all envoire ments a other grilly + this grillie can die xD but on the pic looks it good!