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Introduction: The Color Changing Rose

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In this Instructable, we look at a way to make a color changing rose.

Why would you want a color changing rose?

To surprise your girlfriend/wife.

Ask her what color roses does she like the best.

Make the color changing rose and make sure that one of the colors is the one she likes.

When you give the rose to your girlfriend, make sure to say: "I made your favorite color rose"

Most likely she will be happy to receive the rose, but she might think that you don't have a good memory or you don't pay the attention to what she says as the rose is not her favorite color.

After a few minutes, the rose will change the color.

What will you need:

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Step 1:

I cut out a few different size cups from the egg carton.

I put the cups inside of each other, finishing with a twisted piece of carton at the top.

Step 2:

I also cut out the leaves

Step 3:

I used a wooden skewer to make the stem.

Skewers were way too straight to look natural, so I steamed them for 10 - 15 min, so they would become soft.

After 15 minutes of steaming, I took out the skewers and wrapped them around a wooden stick.

Step 4:

I made 2 roses. One I painted yellow and the other - white.

Step 5:

After a few hours of drying, the skewer had lost it's straightness, so I painted it green.

I also painted the leaves.

Step 6:

When everything was painted, it was time to put it all together.

I used hot glue for the job.

After gluing the flower's head, I drilled a hole in the bottom to insert the stem.

Step 7:

Then I glued the remaining leaves to the stem and painted the glue, so it could not be seen.

Step 8:

I mixed a red Thermochromatic Pigment with a clear nail polish.

I used a straw to put the pigment into the bottle as it was less messy.

Then I shook the bottle, until the nail polish turned red.

And last, I painted the rose red.

Step 9:

Thermochromatic Pigment will turn clear at around 33°C (92°F), that way exposing the color under the nail polish.

Heat up the rose, so it changes the color and give it to your girlfriend.

Don't forget to say: "I made your favorite color rose"

Then watch her reaction when she'll see the rose changing the color as it cools down.

How fast it cools will depend on the room temperature and the material the rose is made of.

In my experience, it started to changed the color after 2-3 minutes.

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