The "Comfy" Mouse

I had a mouse laying around and thought about it. It was really uncomfortable to use.  So lets make it comfy :)

Step 1: Parts

These things you can find at home
-duct tape or any  other
-plastic cup
-Spray paints
-masking tape

Step 2: Adding Comfort

Take your pen and cut it in to pieces, and cut some of those pieces in half. Put your hand on the mouse and see where it lies. Then takes the pieces and tape them on to the mouse, where you'd like comfort. And where you put your index and middle finger put to pieces of a whole on each side.

Step 3: Comfort the Palm

Then take your plastic cup and cut out the bottom of it. Then adjust it to fit your mouse and palm.

Step 4: Tape

Now surround and wrap the entire mouse with your duct tape.

Step 5: Spraying

Then find the spot you want your paint and cover the mouse in masking tape.

Step 6: Then Your Done:)

Take of the masking tape and enjoy the comfiness!



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