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After experimenting with some new ideas, I have created the best gun I have ever made!! The Competitor features a removable magazine and extended magazine. I also figured out why everyone wraps the ramrod, so it can take more impact without self destructing. The Competitor also has a range about 30 ft, or in other terms longer than any hallway in my house! It can tear through paper set up 5 to 10 feet away. It also has a history without jamming even though I have used it very frequently. The trigger works great and the gun itself is not flimsy or weak. The Competitor also uses 0 broken pieces! Overall, the only thing I think is a negative about this gun is I don't know how to use this in a rifle yet, but, I'll figure it out. If you want instructions, just ask, I'll work on them when I find time.



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    Alright, I'm revising the Competitor now for increased performance. Right now the new model is a little bigger, shoots blue rods, and has a removable mag that isn't attached by rubber bands (my favorite part =) ). Will post as soon as I give it a little different look than the first.

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    For your next gun (if it requires a mag) try a mag like the one below. I has a top, thus, when you load it, the bullets stay in, as the charging handle pushes the rounds up. See? Tell me what you think.


    Mag loaded.JPG
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    I like the idea, and I thought of trying it before but it's kind of hard without breaking pieces. The gun I'm working on now, the competitor's rifle, is using a blue rod removable mag and the ramrod is pulling out the rods as it goes back. I'll keep playing with it and maybe try prototyping that idea because it would probably eliminate that problem.

    Well, first I am gonna say that sooner or later, your are gonna need to cut some of your K'NEX. It is just one of those things that is necessary for a great gun. Second thing I would like to say is DON'T CUT GREEN RODS OR WHITE RODS!!! And I'll tell you why, there is no real need to cut green rods, because then the two halves get you nowhere fast, and don't cut white rods to get a three wide rod with no ends because you can (if you have any) take a broken longer rod and cut that to the necessary length. If you have any broken grey, red, or orange/yellow rods around, use those to cut pieces, they are stronger than white rods anyway. As to your mag problem, if you only leave enough space for the firing pin to get into the mag, then that will solve that problem. If you look at the pic below, you can see where the orange connecters stop, and then there is an empty space. Now, If I was shooting blue rods, I would put a Y-rod on the back orange connecter, so that the FP only hits one blue rod, and when you pull the FP back, the Y-rod stops the "bullets" from coming back with it. See?

    As to your pistol above, it is rather messy looking, but the concept makes since. Clean up the looks and make it more streamlined (take off any unnecessary protrusions, clean up the handle, things of that sort) and make it less "stiff" and "rigid" looking. I love cool concept guns, and K'NEX guns in general, but if the gun is ugly, I usually don't like it. XD Take Oblitivus's Z35 for example. The gun is pretty cool, but it is not cool looking by any means, thus, I like the guns performance, but not its looks.

    Mag loaded.JPG

    Well I fixed my clip problem, thanks for the suggestion. I like the feedback you're giving me, but streamlining the look? Hmmmmm........I'm guessing I should round it out somehow.

    Judging from your topics description, you must be new here. Anyways, I like the gun. It's awesome to know that you made it without any broken pieces. Overall the gun looks nice and I imagine it performs fairly well. Good job.

    Looks nice and clean, although the trigger doesn't look quite as comfortable as it could be. If you can find a way to angle it slightly more forwards then you can continue the handle up to the body or even re-align it. Other than that I like it. Well done.

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    Thanks! The trigger comes forward a little when it is cocked, but I'll consider changeing it in my new gun.

    That's a very good gun! I especially like it you didn't use any broken pieces, I don't really like cutting my pieces. Please post it, I want to build it!

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