The Complete Guide to Airsofting




Airsoft is a recreational hobby played by sport enthusiasts around the world.There are many types of airsoft guns from spring pistols to fully automatic gas guns.First we will go over what to wear while playing airsoft.

Step 1: What to Wear While Playing.

You usually will want to wear something that will blend in with your surroundings such as in an urban enviroment you would want to wear some sort of tactical style clothing.For example if you were in a forrest enviroments you would wear a ghille suit(optional) but well worth it. You should always wear eye protection YOU CAN'T REPLACE YOUR EYES.

Step 2: What Gun Should You Get

Right now your probaly wondering what gun you should get.I would have to say it depends on what your going to be playing in.So here is a basic breakdown of the guns.
Shotguns:Not one of the most popular guns on the market but if you are looking for a reliable big clipped guns heres a good choice.
Automatic Electric Gun(AEG)These are one of the most popular guns on the market with the sniper.These guns are well rounded except for the unreliabilty of some of the makers such as clones but if your on a low budget you should probaly get an echo 1 they are extremely good guns for their price.These guns have very high rates of fire which give you a better chance of hitting your man if you miss the first time.
Sniper:These are very good guns for shooting someone from a distance and bring in the element of fear to your advantage but it has a major drawback if you are are caught with smg gunners and machine gunners you have to cock your gun every shot or run  to cover while carrying a huge gun.
Handguns:The handgun is a must have, preferably a gas but a spring will esentialy get the job done.You need a seconary because, say you run out of ammo and dont have a spare clip or your gun jams you could easily pull your sidearm and get your shot off much quicker than reloading.
So this is most of the categories except custom guns and thats alot different.

Step 3: Where to Play.

Me and my friends will play in front yards, but that gets us and trouble and none the less gets us yelled at by neighbors for "littering". A more suitable location would be a nice abandoned store area for urban combat, a mid-sized forrest for slower paced games such as capture the flag and woodsball for say.Pretty much any where will do but just make sure there arent many people walking around and it isnt too small.

Step 4: Game Modes

1.)Scenario:An objective is placed somewhere on your playing field and your goal is to either defend it, or attack the objective, whoever keeps the objective for 10 minutes wins the game.
2.)Bite The Bullet:There are really no rules, it is just keep playing until someone can't stand the pain this could go on for a while or very quickly.
3.)Capture The Flag (C.T.F.) : There are two flags on the playing field, one at your base, the other at your opponents. The objective is to capture (steal) your enemys flag and take it to your base without being shot. There are defenders and attackers, attackers being quick with short fast firing guns, and defenders with heavy sray and prey guns with massive mags.
4.) There are many more but it would take too long to describe them all, just use your brain.

Step 5: BB's

Heavier BB's such as 20g.'s will be very accurate, reliable, and wont typically break in your gun compared to their cheaper counterpart which would be 12g. BB's.
Light BB's break your gun... Just dont buy them they are poorly made and lose their accuracy in about 15 yards where as heavy BB's dont lose their accuracy for...  depends on gun and hop-up.
Good BB's 
Bad BB's
Article on good and bad BB's Here

Step 6: The End

Now go outside with your buddies and have some fun airsofting, but be safe also!



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    17 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 3

    playing out in the open w/ high quality guns is dangerous. they can be mistaken as real guns. only play airsoft at designated fields or in secluded locations

    3 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    They could be, but as long as you keep the orange tips on your guns you should be fine.

    airsoft master 25taz2020

    Reply 5 years ago on Step 3

    better off playing on private property, i have had the cops called on me and it sort of put an end to the airsofting.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    even then people call cops, get mad, etc. though it doesnt have to be a designated field, you should try and avoid playing near public areas.

    ive had people call the cops on me and my freinds even when we were out near this one little oasis kind of thing where we had dug a trench, and some people got mad called the cops and told us some guy owned the land and we were tresspassing, when really, the local judge who is my freind's dad, said the city owned the property.

    So yeah, and you dont have to keep the orange tips on, even in public, though, like i said, avoid the public


    8 years ago on Step 5

    The heavier the bb is does not effect the quality.

    a lighter bb will shoot with more fps but less accuracy than a heavy bb.

    this is why snipers use 20 - 25+ .g bb's

    5 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It makes fps get higher if you have a powerful gun. Try throwing a tennis ball then see if you can a paper ball farther!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If your using anything lighter than a .3, you will be unlikely to get anywhere near "sniper" ranges.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    12.grams are still a negatory less using grenades or walmart gun. use high grade 20s at the lowest


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 5

    I'm almost certain I've never seen a poorly made 20g. BB but there's more air in a 12g. BB which could break more easily in your gun... But your right the heavier BB will not affect BB just how it's made and heavier BB's are made with more precision usualy.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Elite .2s good bbs for accuracy? If its lighter than .25, Its not gonna shoot particularly well (unless your shooting like .3j). Try Bioval .27s.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    My friends and I are getting pretty extreme into airsoft so I was wondering what should I bring for a match that lasts 2days and one night what equipment should I bring into the match

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    im just gonna list what would be prefered, ive played alot of over night games so here is my input

    gear: you can get surplus allice gear cheap, and it works amazing
    pistol belt w/ suspenders or what i use an lbv
    ammo pouch(es) to hold magazines
    canteen or hydration pack
    butt pack/ utility pouch, can have a satchel bag (any bag to hold equipment not needed in direct combat situations, like extra bbs, map, extra socks, etc)

    camo uniform or cargo pants w/ tshirt
    $20-$30 (shouldnt cost more than that, if it does its a rip)

    military grade boots (blouse your trousers, aka, tuck your uniform pants into boots) you can get some cheap jungle boots for 20 bucks and they are the most comfortable inexpensive boots ive owned. i now have a pair of desert issue that are pretty much the same :P but tucking your trousers makes sure nothing will creep into ur pants, no dirt in your pants, no wet lower legs, and pretty much...the best idea for you. btw, get socks thatll fit under them.

    bring a hat!
    (should have one)

    knee pads are nice. make sure they are a flat color and not shiny or glossy

    gloves, trust me youll be happy you have some, work gloves do fine

    and last but not least your weapon. go for an m4 or ak as your starting weapon. i love the m4 because its comfortable. you can find one for $155-$200. some are sold w/out battery like the g&g but that can be a good a 9.6v thatll fit in your weapon.
    on another note: my first event i used a trishot shotgun, the whole time i wish i had an automatic. so ur gun is the most important part of ur gear

    have fun

    The section on which guns to get could be misleading to new players, making them assume that all pistols are gas, all snipers are spring powered and all MP5's are AEG's.

    3 replies