The Complete Guide to Astral Projection and How to Have an Out of Body Experience - Part 1


Introduction: The Complete Guide to Astral Projection and How to Have an Out of Body Experience - Part 1

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What Is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is another name for interdimensional travel. This is when the consciousness leaves the body and moves in planes of existence which exist alongside the physical plane. These planes often look similar to the physical plane but usually have many differences. Thoughts become reality within these planes, meaning that you can create within the plane using willpower and focus alone. Many people don't believe in interdimensional travel; there is no proven scientific basis for it.

If it was easy and everybody was doing it then it would probably be more widely accepted but it is difficult and requires years of focused meditation and sacrifice, and even then, a huge amount of willpower and effort may be required to enter the mental state required. It is worth the effort; persevere and your life will be transformed.

I have split this Instructable into three parts because it is the length of a short book. This is part one and it has 4832 words. There is no secret to interdimensional travel. If you are determined, put in the time and make sacrifices, you will do it. There are no shortcuts. There is no substitute for a good diet, exercise, an honest, moral life and regular meditation. Without these things the chance of you projecting are low.

Where do you look to find the higher planes of existence? Look for the world within the world. Enter a meditative state and imagine your consciousness leaving your body and entering you favourite crystal, cat, tree or whatever you have a strong affinity for. Sustain it for as long as you can and make it real, will it into reality. Experiment and work hard and you will get there. Many texts you will read will describe leaving bowls of water by your bedside and walking barefoot at moonlight to aid projection. The value in ritual is in the focus it brings and the constant reminders of your goal. There is no substitute for hard work.

Live it until it becomes your life, then it will become your reality and you will wonder how you never noticed these other places in the first place.

Step 1: ​Tips on How to Astrally Project

Much has been written on astral projection and how do it but much of what has gone before remains impenetrable and unhelpful. Here are some tips.

Believe in it. Choose to believe strongly that is possible. Others have done it; what's the difference between you and them?

Find a reason to project. Deliberately leave a cupboard door open or do something else you find annoying; this might jump start a projection if you use your astral body to try to close it. Alternatively focus on a person or place you really want to visit.

Try very hard. Although astral projection is a natural thing there are parts of your psyche that will try to stop it happening; you need to overwhelm them. Meditation is central; most of this Instructable is dedicated to tailoring your thoughts, meditation and effort towards projection.

Put the time in. It's not going to happen the first time you try, but through spending time experimenting with projecting your consciousness into crystals, the corner of the room or your favourite chair in the corner of the kitchen (where I'm writing this) you will get there in the end.

Never give up. If you persevere and convince yourself that it will happen, then it will. Read around the subject and practice.

Step 2: What Is Interdimensional Travel?

Many people have experienced spending time in other dimensions. Other people would dispute that this is possible but those who have experienced it will tell you that these other planes of existence are just as real as the physical plane. I am not going to try to convince you that they are real; it is up to you to find out for yourself. Come back and tell me they aren't real when you have devoted time and effort into looking in all the right places.

The closest I have come to objective evidence that these planes are real are the commonality which lies between the descriptions of these realms, and the ways of accessing them, that lies between the different metaphysical disciplines. Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Alchemy all refer to these dimensions in similar ways. The domains are often described as being like layers lying one above another and this can be a practical way of viewing them as it can make transition between them more straightforward. On closer inspection, however, you will find that this is an illusion which probably stems from the fact that this type of system is much easier to describe and illustrate than that of all realms existing at once in the same place.

In the same way that white light can be split into it's constituent colours, all areas are accessible in the same place, at the same time. All of them exist everywhere. This having been said, to 'travel' between them is a misnomer; you don't go anywhere, you are just tuning yourself to a different vibration, more like tuning a radio.

Understanding this makes visiting these regions easier and less terrifying than believing that you leave your consciousness leaves your body and goes to another place. In the concept of astral projection it is widely described that part of you leaves your body and travels around the world and it's counterparts. Whether this is the case is difficult to verify; it's probably more helpful to see this point of view as a mechanism for shifting your conscious viewpoint than a literal reality.

There appears to be a continuum between the levels, with one running into the next. It is often described that different entities live in different levels. Angels live in the upper levels and can influence the lower, demons live in the lower levels and influence the upper levels and we live in the middle and can influence, and travel into, the above and below. It appears that we are the only entities with this freedom.

Step 3: How to Visit Other Dimensions

There are a number of things you need to pay attention to in order to interact with other dimensions. These are all factors which contribute to your holistic wellbeing. You might be able to come up with a few things which I haven't listed here which would be important for you.

- Diet

- Exercise

- Work/life balance

- Ego

- Key reading

- Crystal and chakra meditation

- Contemplation of spiritual progess

- Attitude

Step 4: Diet, Exercise and Work

Diet. Many spiritually adept individuals are vegetarian or vegan. Eating a heavy diet or overeating is grounding and tends to tie you to the physical domain. A light diet and fasting lightens your being and makes meditation and interdimensional experiences easier and more natural. It's not necessarily impossible if you eat meat but you mind find that if you meditate frequently you eat less meat naturally and this can help.

Exercise. Leading a healthy life will help with your efforts. Regular exercise lightens your mood, increases energy levels and puts a spring in your step. The euphoric period after intense exercise is sometimes a good platform for astral adventures.

Work/life balance. Too much work does not lead to a balanced constitution. You need time to rest, relax, meditate and look after yourself. Too much work leads to stress, over tiredness, poor health and no time for your self. It is also important to choose a line of work which you consider ethical and which does not cause suffering to others. Unethical work which causes suffering can lead to subconscioous psychological unrest and will not create happiness or the inner well-being necessary to attain higher levels of consciousness.

Step 5: Ego

Ego. There are various behaviours which are worth avoiding as they can strengthen ego, making it harder to project. These aren't rules, more guidelines which you need to be aware of. Overly selfish behaviour, gossiping, greed and overindulgence can all lead to a closed state of mind which is not beneficial. Obviously most people behave in these ways sometimes but it is important to do you best to avoid them and make amends afterwards. See how you feel after talking about someone behind their back or undermining someone at work and you might start to understand what I mean. These behaviours strengthen your concept of 'I'. That is the existence if you as distinct from other people. When you start to become aware of other dimensional frequencies your sense of self as compared to others weakens. This makes it easier to let go and forget about yourself for long enough to shift your viewpoint away from your physical body.

Step 6: Key Reading

Key Reading. This text is not supposed to be a list of instructions or rules for you to follow to learn to move your consciousness around. It is designed to give you starting points and indications of where you should be looking and directing your efforts if you want to be successful. Many books and text you read will come across as being the only way and have a didactic, direct, instructional approach. Take everything with a pinch of salt, do more research, try things out and make up your own mind. Read esoteric and religious texts regularly in order to remind yourself of what you are trying to achieve and to give you new ideas and inspiration about how you are going to get there. Aim for 10 mins a day rather than getting overwhelmed; some may be impenetrable, complicated and irrelevant. Find out about the basic core texts of the major disciplines and see which you like the best.

The Tao Te Ching is a very helpful core text in the Zen Buddhist line of thinking. It is beautifully written, concise and very helpful at guiding on leadership and behaviour. Make sure you get a copy with an interpretation of the text as this will dramatically improve it's usefulness. The Emerald Tablet is a fascinating modern text on the ancient art of Alchemy. Dennis William Hauck has clearly spent a long time researching, compiling and interpreting ancient wisdom from around the world to give a useful, insightful and practical guide to alchemy for personal transformation. Many people think that alchemy is about literally turning lead into gold but Dennis explains that alchemists used this as a cover for their real spiritual activities which would have got them in a lot of trouble at the time. The book goes through the background of alchemy and breaks it down, explaining the relevance of the symbolism and demonstrating the stages with examples. There are meditations and practical exercises to help you develop yourself inwardly and it even lets you in on the secret of what The Philosopher's Stone really is. The stages of alchemy are as follows; 1) Calcination. 2) Dissolution. 3) Separation. 4) Conjunction. 5) Fermentation. 6) Distillation. 7) Coagulation.

Step 7: Candle Meditation

Meditation is the key to having interdimensional experiences. Without this, nothing will happen. Any meditation is better than no meditation and in the early stages it's best to try a variety of techniques so you can see the effect they have. A good starting meditation is candle meditation. You need to set aside, ideally, half an hour, twice a day. You should see the effects evolving rapidly if you meditate this much. 10 minutes twice a day is good but you won't go so deep and the changes will be slower. Turn your phone off, and put your ear plugs in. I use my ZenPlugs which I developed to be so comfortable you don't even notice you are wearing them, making them perfect for meditation.

You need a quiet calm space where you won't be interrupted. Sit on a chair, a dining room type is best, with a hard, level seat, in front of a table. Place a candle on some books so the flame is just below eye level. Sit with your back straight and either start a timer or have a clock nearby. A timer is better because if you keep looking at a clock it will distract you from your meditation. Watch the candle flame and stop thinking. Use the gentle movement of the flame to remind you not to think. Inevitably, thoughts will come. Don't be disillusioned, simply let go of them and learn to get used to the spaces between your thoughts. At first they will feel uncomfortable, like silence at a dinner party, but soon they will become exhilarating and liberating. Even in the early stages, with frequent thoughts, you will feel much better after your sessions.

With practice, persistence and willpower the length of time between your thoughts will grow and so will your well being and feeling of wellness and completeness. Regular meditation is essential if you want to become aware of alternative planes of reality. Reading books you will find many stories of people achieving deep states and alternative conscious levels after only meditating for a short time. I wouldn't expect to be able to visit other planes for several years. It may happen before this but if you expect it to this will distract you from your meditation and leave you feeling disappointed will slow your progress.

The inner changes which are necessary can take a long time to realise, create and make permanent. Don't lose heart; you will learn a lot along the way, there is plenty to do. Chakra meditation and crystal meditation are two specific types which are particularly useful at preparing and equipping you for extra-corporeal experiences. Have a look at my other Instructables to find out more about these.

Step 8: Crystal and Chakra Meditation

Crystal meditation involves the use of crystals in a targeted and focused way to cleanse and develop your aura and chakras. This is necessary to both make your goal reality and also to protect you from negative energy when you are in other planes. Chakra meditation involves meditating on the chakras themselves, using various techniques to open, cleanse and purify them.

It is very helpful to learn to activate your chakras in order to develop the ability to experience other dimensions. It is not the only method but it is one that can be cultivated. Equip yourself with a range of crystals. Visit a shop, rather than buying them on the internet because you will find yourself drawn to particular crystals; you should choose ones you have an affinity for. Clear quartz is a good general purpose crystal which is used for healing, cleansing and focusing. Whatever you are trying to do, a clear quartz crystal will help. Small crystal points are useful cleansing aids.

Lie down on a firm, level surface, a carpeted floor is ideal, turn off your phone and make sure you won't be interrupted. Place a folded towel or something similar under your head. Place a small quartz point, maybe between 3 and 6cm long on the floor just above your head, pointing upwards. There aren't any rules on the size; just choose one you like than feels right. Place another just below a line drawn between your feet, pointing upwards. If you close your eyes and stop thinking for a few minutes you might be able to feel the crystals start to move the energy (chi) through your chakra system from your feet up to your head. Watch the energy move and watch the crystals. Try not guide or push the energy to start with; it needs to start up slowly and naturally. Pushing it will probably stop the flow and meet with resistance. You can add in coloured crystals matching your chakras.

Choose crystals according to the colours of the chakras. Small flat ones are ideal so you can balance them on yourself. Visit your local crystal shop and hold the crystals for a second or two, seeing how they make you feel. You might only need to spend a couple of pounds or less on each one.

Here is a list of the chakras with their colours and matching crystals. you can use other crystals, matching them with the chakras by colour.

- Crown chakra. White or purple, clear quartz, amethyst or lapis lazuli.

- Third eye. Dark blue. Chalcedony.

- Throat. Light blue. Blue calcite.

- Heart. Green. Green fluorite.

- Solar plexus. Yellow. Citrine.

- Navel. Orange. Carnelian.

- Base. Red. Jasper.

These can help to activate chakras and mobilise stagnant energy. It can very exciting when you first start to feel the chi move; it can be difficult to concentrate for some time, possibly even several days when you realise that you can feel something that you weren't aware of before. When you can feel it moving watch closely and try to see it in your minds eye. This can take months of practice and determination but it will come if you open your mind to it and put time and effort in.

Step 9: ​Preparation for a Chakra Cleansing Meditation

After spending some time practising simple meditations and chakra meditation you will find your resolve building up to spending some serious time opening your chakras. Some meditation sessions can last for several hours but you can have an impact in half an hour or more. Diet, rest and exercise in the time leading up to a serious session is important; the previous 24 hours being the most important. Maintaining an overall reasonable level of emotional fitness is important. Try to have some moderate exercise in this period. If you do eat meat normally, try to be vegetarian, or even vegan for a day or two before. Moderate drinking is generally fine but it's best to abstain for 24 hours before. Get plenty of sleep and rest and prepare yourself mentally.

If it is possible spend a few hours beforehand walking quietly or sitting somewhere beautiful letting it sink in to your subconscious what you are planning to do. It will help later on if you have adjusted to the idea; you are likely to meet less resistance from your subconscious. For example; through meditation you may come to realise that your heart chakra is blocked by the divorce of your parents, the loss of a family member or resentment towards a former partner who you feel treated you unfairly. You might feel pain, and want to recoil from thinking about the problem. You might realise that these feelings are stopping you from evolving spiritually and decide you are going to work through it. Allow yourself a couple of hours to walk, or spend time in a beautiful garden or other place.

Don't aim for a formal meditation but relax and hold the problem in the forefront of your mind. Hold it there and get used to it, becoming relaxed in it's presence. Make friends with it and send love towards it. Remind yourself that it's only a thought and it is the best thing for you to come to terms with it. The thought will gradually let you in, softening and breaking down. You might want to move somewhere with more privacy when this happens as it could be upsetting, but remember that it won't hurt you, you are just letting go of, and feeling, emotion which was initiated a long time ago.

I don't want to scare you, I want to prepare you and let you know this is normal. If you are successful you will know. Feelings of elation and relief will let you know. You might feel drained and tired; don't underestimate the mental exertion required. Take it easy psychologically for 48 hrs afterwards, give yourself time and space to heal and rest. Releasing these pent up feeling will open your chakras leaving you feeling happy and free putting you in the best position to learn astral projection.

Step 10: Opening Chakras

Sometimes people feel overwhelming emotion when the chakras are activated, particularly for the first time. This could be happiness or sadness, depending on the energy of the chakra. This can be normal but sometimes the chakra only clears by a small amount during each meditation and in this case a sudden surge may not be felt for some time, if at all. Old memories, fears and thoughts of love may arise; let them come and go as they please; some will feel significant and draw your attention more than others; it may be that these are the key to unblocking the chakra.

Often when something happens which we have difficulty dealing with emotionally we bury the feelings and never really come to terms with, or face up to the problem. This causes blocked chakras. When you look at a chakra which is open, clear and allowing energy to move unhindered through it (a rare thing) it may look bright, like a bright coloured bulb. It may appear like a flower or a spinning wheel; chakra means wheel. It will let you know it is running well. A blocked chakra is a lot harder to see because it is quieter, dull, dark, with no energy moving through it. They will hide from your consciousness which will appear to slide off the sides if it.

Almost everyone has blocked chakras; very few people in the world have all their chakras open at any one time. Even when you try hard to concentrate on one you will quickly find your attention landing nearby. Persist; it will be very difficult and might take all of your mental effort to even scratch the surface of the chakra but it will be one of your greatest achievements if you open it. Beware; when you start opening chakras you will be releasing unpleasant, stagnant energy which has been fermenting and solidifying for many years. It can hurt.

Don't hang on to the energy; let it go. Mood swings, grumpiness and depression may occur. You will be working through emotions you probably should have feeling years ago. Again; let it go. Make sure you rest, drink plenty of water and live your life to the full. If you are planning a heavy chakra meditation session it may be worth doing it in a hot bath. This is great for relaxing and letting go and the water draws some of the negativity and can help with the cleansing, particularly if you put a handful of salt in at the beginning. Have a cold shower after to wash away the negative energy.

Alternating hot and cold using a sauna and cold plunge pool or shower is a very effective way of aiding the cleansing of chakras and developing the state of mind necessary to move your consciousness outside your body. If you are ever feeling lost, directionless or like you aren't making progress, take a break, do some meditation and cut yourself some slack.

When your development is complete you will look back and realise that the progress you made was an illusion; you never really changed.

Step 11: Contemplation of Your Progress and Attitude

This is an aspect of your practise which is important to integrate into your everyday life, along with exercise, meditation and a healthy diet. If you can regularly walk as a mode of transport you can use this time to contemplate your actions and decide where to focus your attention. This time is also good for walking meditation, breathing and chakra meditation.

As you are getting exercise as well you kill 3 birds with one stone. Meditation and contemplation of higher thoughts and directions often flow into one another. Meditation may help reveal thoughts and the meanings of signs to you and having contemplated the thoughts this can inspire your meditation in a highly productive cycle.


If your mind is closed to the idea of perceiving other planes of existence this will be a barrier to you seeing them. Doubt will limit and contain you. Choosing to believe in it and knowing inwardly that you can do it will create fertile ground for projection.

Step 12: How to Move Around During Astral Projection

In other dimensions you can move around in the same ways you can in the physical plane. Walking and running are possible but most of the time it is more convenient to fly. Because you can move through walls, buildings and furniture, walking is not a natural thing to do because it involves travelling along a visible plane, so to do this is a conscious decision.

Flying simply involves choosing another point in your field if vision and consciously choosing to move there, by whatever path you like and whatever speed you decide. It can be difficult to master though; some adepts describe moving around in an uncontrolled manner when there is a lack of experience.

A way round this is to imagine holding on to a stationary object like a lamppost or nearby piece of furniture until it settles down. To travel long distances it is natural to teleport; to travel there directly without visiting the places in between. This is also the conventional way of travelling to dimensions other than those in which you are presently in.

Teleporting is rapid, and requires little effort. Flying distances can take time and requires more effort. If you are an interdimensional tourist then flying is great; if you have work to do which is demanding then teleporting is quicker and requires less energy. You can travel by hot air balloon, car, tank or skateboard if you like but flying and teleporting are more natural and so these are the usual methods people use.

Step 13: Is Astral Projection Proof of Life After Death?

Some people take the experience of other planes of existence and astral projection as proof of life after death. This is due to the point of view that these are out-of-body experiences and that part of you leaves your physical body. This is taken to be evidence of the existence of a soul which can continue to exist after the physical body dies.

Unfortunately this is not evidence as no evidence exists that any part of the whole body leaves and goes anywhere. It is possible that simply what is happening is the consciousness is being extended and tuned, like a radio, to different frequencies which allows perception of that which is usually imperceptible.

A theory of the mechanism of interdimensional travel is based on quantum theory. At the Big Bang, when all matter came into existence, everything came from one thing. This means that the atoms in our body came from the same origin as all other matter in the universe. In quantum theory, subatomic particles which come from the same atom are 'entangled' meaning that what happens to one can be reflected in another, even when they are separated and there is no physical connection between them. Einstein called this 'spooky action at a distance'.

This could also explain telepathy and distance viewing. If subatomic particles in my brain are entangled with those in your brain I may be able to pick up some of your thoughts. This is a theory which is interesting in it's own right and is unlikely to be proven but demonstrates that perception of alternative dimensions may not be a sign of divinity or life after death.

Step 14: Is Astral Projection and Travel to Other Dimensions Dangerous?

This is a difficult question to answer. One of the commonest concerns that people have is that they will get lost and won't be able to get back to their body. People are also concerned that if their astral body is killed, their physical body will be killed.

These things are virtually impossible to prove or disprove because of the fact that if they were to happen they would be unwitnessed by anyone on the physical plane in a position to report it back. This is because people tend to project alone, although it has been recorded that people meet can up in other planes.

There are however many recorded incidences of people being attacked by beings on other planes who clearly have malevolent intent and appear to be trying to injure the individual. Although this may be psychically depleting there are no verified accounts of anyone suffering any lasting damage. There is no proof or evidence that any part of you leaves your physical body when you visit other planes of existence.

It is possible that all that is happening is that you are tuning out from sensing the physical world and tuning into the unseen dimensions. If this is the case it would be impossible to get lost, die or became detached or separated from your physical body. It would also be very unlikely that you would suffer lasting injury as no part of you has truly travelled to this dimension, you are merely viewing it from afar. Having said that it is definitely important to make all possible efforts to protect yourself from harm when travelling, particularly if you are planning to interact with powerful energies and entities as the potential outcomes are unpredictable.



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