The Coolest USB L.E.D. Pocket-Sized Light (Pocket-Sized Entry)




In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a USB powered L.E.D. light that can fold away into the size of an X-it Mints tin, and can easily fit in your pocket.
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The materials and tools you will need are:
USB cable (salvaged)
Soldering Iron and Solder
X-it Mint tin
Small pliers
Wire Stripper
Box Cutter
Calculated Resistor (Total Voltage - L.E.D.s Voltage / Amperage)
Electrical Tape
Tin Snips or "Metal Chipper"

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Step 1: Preparing USB Wire

Before i start, i don't know how to embed a video into an Instructable, so i will just put a link to the page, until someone tells me how:

First, we will need to take the rubber insulation off the "plug" part of the USB cable, so it will fit in the mint tin.
WARNING: Doing this type of project may become addicting, and you also need to be really careful when using a knife, i almost cut myself.

As you can see, I'm experiencing difficulties with the tag tool, so i will explain up here. in the first picture, you will see that i am cutting the rubber off of the USB part of the wire. In the second picture, I'm done doing that, see how you can see the metal, that means it is good.

Step 2: Strip the Wire

Next, you will need to strip the wire. Pretty self-explanotory. You will also need to strip the red and black wires inside of the bunch, and insulate the white and yellow (?the other 2) to make sure they don't touch anything.

Step 3: Add Solder

Add solder to the red and black wires and to the leads of the 1. L.E.D and 2. resistor. Next, solder the red wire to the anode of the L.E.D. and solder the black wire to one lead of the resistor. Then you will need to solder the cathode of the L.E.D. to the other lead of the resistor. My resistor was already soldered.

Step 4: Cut the Tin

You will need to make a hole for the wire and a hole for the L.E.D. I used "metal chippers", put a drill, it a file, or even tin snips will be good.

Step 5: Insulate the Tin and Other Taping

You will need to insulate the tin with black electrical tape. Insulate everything that might contact anything else. You will also insulate the L.E.D. with tape. Next tape the L.E.D. into the tin with the L.E.D. peeking out of the hole you made for it.

Step 6: Plugging Into Computer to Test, Winding, and Putting Into Pocket

Plug into your computer, if you did everything right, it should light. Next few pictures, is about winding it up, and after that, How to slide it into your pocket. Thanks a lot for reading and if you like it, vote for it.


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    That sucks... Well.... Now consider they are only 10 bucks or so if you buy them at the right time.... And consider getting a new one... Haha


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    .... Good point.... But, just don't let her know you have one, or attach a string to it and to your computer desk... Kinda defeats the purpose though :P


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    Mind if i ask you a question? ill take that for a yes. how are you always one of the first persons to comment on an instructable? did you set your computer to warn you when their is a new one or something? if yes, can you post an instructable on how to do that? -gamer


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    No, I don't think that's possible to do. And I just find the Instructables in recent Instructables.


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    Umm.... they're screen-shots of a video, i didn't take pictures because i was filming... if i make another one, i will take pictures and i will tell you. is it better than my last one?