The Couples Ultimate Gaming Room.

I have used 123d's tinkercad to create "The Couples Ultimate Gaming Room." I created this room for the "improve your room" competition. There are many gaming tools which i will show up close in the next steps. And remember there is the same thing on the other side for your spouse.

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Step 1:

In  this picture there is a headset with a stand there is also a oculus rift, also there is a simulation gun, and finally there is a set of I-motion haptic feedback controllers.

Step 2:

In this picture you will see an omni, an omnidirectional treadmill for gaming. You will also notice a webcam to capture the motion.

Step 3:

In this picture there is a gaming pc, a tri-monitor set up, a keypad and a mouse.

Step 4:

In this picture there is a large flatscreen, a DVR with controller, a PS4 with controller, and two mini-fridges.

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