The Creation of the Star Wars Hailfire Droid; Introduction

Introduction: The Creation of the Star Wars Hailfire Droid; Introduction

To begin with, Wolfgang, Braxton, and Tyler are high school students who are working on a 3D design project. Why we chose on making the Hailfire droid was our inspiration of Star Wars, and it was simple to build some of the 3D parts. We started off by brainstorming the project step by step, creating diagrams and circuit installation using the smart.amp website. Wolfgang worked on the circuit, and Tyler and Braxton worked on the 3D printing. Braxton worked on the wheels of the droid, while Tyler worked on the base of the droid. By working consistently, our project will be finished on time.

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Step 1: Brainstorm Hailfire Droid

For our first step, we decided to join the 3D Print Constest. We started off by brainstorming the idea of what we're making, and we finally decided making the Hailfire droid from Star Wars. To have some cool electronics, we also install a circuit to move the droid remotely. We made the supplies, materials, and the circuit pre made for the 3D printed droid. We brainstormed diagrams on the supplies placements on the droid, and where the 3D parts are glued together. This is our first step to begin our project.

Supplies/Material List:
1. 3 AAA batteries
2. Remote control circuit
3.3D Printer-filament
4. Electric motors

Step 2: 3D Print Wheels

Braxton and Tyler then started 3D designing the wheels, by creating the knotches and details of the wheels itself. We started to 3D print a prototype and later printed more types of wheels. Some of the filament were caught in the details of the wheel, so Wolfgang cut and scraped the wheels to take all the extra filament off. We then realized that the wheels needed to be painted with a light brownish color to match the droid. We spray painted the wheels, and completed the two 3D printed wheels.

Step 3: Complete Circuit

To begin with the circuit, the circuit was pre made using Braxton's toy circuit, but it was too fragile and had many problems to be fixed. Therefore, the wires needed to be reattached. Wolfgang fixed the motor connection by extending and sodering the wires, and then we analyzed what wires need to be fixed and reconnected for Wolfgang to attach and soder back together. To conclude, the circuit is finished, and we brainstormed where it's going to be on the droid.

Step 4: 3D Print Base and Locks on the Wheels

Tyler started working on the base of the droid, by applying the missles and the other the gun in the bottom. Braxton started to work on the locks to attach the wheels, for it's purpose of the knotches. I then was figuring out how each piece was gonna be put together. Tyler needed to print the missles, gun, and the base in three separate pieces. We are still having trouble printing the locks using the 3D printer, but we know the lock mechanism works and needs to be printed right.

Step 5: Cut Out Unesssary Stuff on 3D Parts

As Braxton and Tyler worked on the locks and base of the droid, Wolfgang started to scrape the unesssary filaments on the finished 3D printed parts. The 3D printer had some unesssary stuff attached on the pieces, and Wolfgang used the clippers to cut and tear the filament off to sand and complete the pieces. This took a while, but the pieces are finalized with no unesssary filament.

Step 6: Paint Pieces Brown

Since some of the filament is white and black, we had to spraypaint the pieces brown so it will match the color of the droid itself. Using a light brown and brown spray paint to give it some shades of color towards the droid.

Step 7: Put Circuit Into Base, Glue Together 3D Parts

Step 8: Remotely Power and Finish the Droid

Step 9: Finishing Touches

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    4 years ago

    I can't view steps 7-9.

    is this a glitch, or is the instructable just not finished?


    4 years ago

    Very fun project! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!