The Crown Braid




This is a fun, quick and easy up-do. It's great because you can wear it any day of the week, or dress it up for a formal occasion.  

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Step 1: Divide the Head of Hair Into Two Sections.

Then secure one section in an elastic.

Step 2: Take the Loose Section and Begin to Make a Three Strand Braid.

Divide this section into three separate sections.  

Step 3: Take the Right Section and Fold It Over the Middle Section So That It Becomes the Left Section.

Now fold the left section over the middle section and repeat these two steps until you reach the end. Secure it in an elastic. 

Step 4: Take the Other Section of Hair and Braid It the Same Way.

Secure it in an elastic.

Step 5: Drape the Braid on the Left Side Over the Top of the Head.

Secure it with bobby pins near the right ear.

Step 6: Take the Braid on the Right Side and Drape It on Top of the Head.

Secure it with bobby pins near the left ear.

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