The D-Frag Knex Grenade

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this reached 4.28 stars and was the 2nd highest rated knex instructable behind the card shuffler.

Well heres where I tell you its my first real instructable be nice and all that other stuff. but I wont. If you want to say this sucks well you can. It is a new frag grenade i have designed and built after wanting more actual explosives on this site so here you are.

it has a blast radius of more than 3 meters
it can be used a a booby trap
doesn't just shatter
wont blow up in your pocket like a loaded splodie

Step 1: Parts List

What You Will Need:

2 white
2 blue
2 yellow

2 grey
2 orange
3 red

1 64 rubberband
2 black Y socket clips
24 blue spacers or 8 silver spacers

Step 2: How to Build

Follow the pics and post a comment if you need help
make sure when you put them on sideways or the grenade may explode prematurely.

Step 3: Arming and Using

Swivel the two arms 180 degrees hold in your throwing hand.
put both black clips into a vertical postion and throw.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    i modded it into a sort of masterkey, although very unreliable it is overpowered when it does work if anybody cares about it tell me and i might post it


    7 years ago on Step 3

    epic bomb! i has a kitty named nyan!!!!!!!!!