The D2OP (Dark Owl's Oodammo Pistol)

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Here it is!  My first instructable.  With these instructions, you'll be able to build my Oodammo Pistol as shown in my first forum topic:

It features:
A no rubber band required trigger.
A high mag cap.
A comfortable handle (at least for me).
Iron sights.
A friction lock magazine (See forum topic for further info).

This, at the moment, is my official sidearm.  Have fun building if you do, and feel free to post a picture of your finished project.  I will always try and help you with any problems you have when building this gun.  Thanks for viewing!

Step 1: The Basic Internals

Step One: Just follow the pictures.  This is pretty much the basic internals of the gun.  After this you'll be encasing it, making it comfier, and adding on other necessary parts for the gun to function.  Again, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Step 2: Encasing and Perfecting

Step Two: In this step, you'll encase the internals and make the gun comfier.  Oh, and don't worry; there are only two more easy steps to go: an addition to the mag, and instructions on how to band and fire The D2OP. 

Step 3: Odds and Ends

Step Three: In this step, you'll make a vital addition to the mag and a piece for the Oodammo to rest on while in the 'chamber' of the gun.  All that's left now is banding the thing, making the ram, and the like! 

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

Step Four: Just build what's shown and put the rubber bands on already!!!  Also, a demonstration on how to load The D2OP is included.



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Ah, do you mean the rubber band placement on the gun? If you look at the profile picture, you can see where the rubber bands are supposed to be placed. I sort of tried to get a closer up view, but apparently, it was useless. I also was just learning how to use my digital camera at the time. Sorry about that. I hope this helped. (Your username is also amazing, by the way.)


6 years ago on Introduction

You know; I've been in this knex communtity for almost a year now and I haven't made a Oodammo gun of any kind yet. I think that I should start with this thing when I get some time.

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Finished it today picture will be posted today! I just wanted you to know with one rubberband it exceeded my expectations, I know what my sidearm will be in my first knex war. (as long as KILLERK follows through with a good turnout)

Awesome!!! I'll be rooting for you in that battle.

Oh, and out of curiosity, how much range did it get for you? After you have that battle you seem to be planning, please tell me how the thing holds up; it'll help me improve the design. Thanks for building, and I can't wait to see the pictures!

I was easily getting 30 ft with one rubberband (I will note all my ranges are an approximation but I do have a 35 ft hallway in my house)


Had to personalize it somehow. Right now I have it ith me but I'll put it on my knex finished project shelf with my other guns. Those being all of my competitors, my P90, Red's Wellrod MkII,Potatocoffees glock, and my other stuff. I really need to experiment more with other peoples guns... Maybe after the contest. I plan to start on my contest gun; Rival III and my Assault rifle for the knex war. I'm planning another Kinno 2 mod because I love that gun.

Thanks! I'm well aquainted with the kinno 2. Most people have moded a Z35 (including myself) or a Tr-18, I have made several moded versions of the kinno 2 so this isn't to new for me.

I realize I may be really late on this, but you probably want to put more rubber bands on the D2OP. Most oodammo pistols go about 60 feet; this pistol can easily go sixty feet; you should put more rubber bands on it so it can go 60 feet.

Simple logic. :3

Thanks. I'm going to subscribe to you now. I've seen your stuff before, and I must've forgotten to subscribe. :3

Not bad bro. Again, the trigger guard is perilously close to the handle and the trigger, but that is easily mended. I would say that this is a big deal for me because I have big hands (no seriously, I do), but I looks like it works for you. Good job. =D