The DOT Pistol (Dark Owl's Transfer Pistol)

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As seen in my first forum topic:

The DOT pistol is a pistol I built fairly recently, and have made two of since it's awesome.  I'm sorry I couldn't give better instructions as it was done somewhat lazily, but it's still buildable.  I'm sure there may be quite a bit of questions, so ask away, and I might upload better instructions sometime.

The DOT Pistol Features:
Very good range (I haven't tested it, but it goes considerably far with one rubber band).
Comfortable Handle (But not as comfortable as the D2OP's in my opinion).
Removable hatch DOT system
Bullet Lock.

Hand modeling credit goes to my friend.  HE SHALL REMAIN ANONYMOUS!!! :3

Step 1: The Handle

Step One: Make the handle; just do it.

Step 2: The Barrel

Step Two: This is where I got lazy.  There was no way I was going to dismantle the thing, so I just took pictures of it at different angles.  If you have any questions, just ask, and I might upload a picture on what you're confused about and add it to the instructable.  The last two pictures are the pistol in my forum topic because of laziness.  Just like I'm too lazy to explain how using the other pistol was a shortcut.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I like it, good start. Although I feel like the handle is to long but that just may be because you have a large hand. I however have a small one, that's why it seems big to me. Nevermind then....

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    Yeah. I have pretty long fingers, and in proportion to the barrel, it just makes sense to me that the handle is as long as it is. Oh, and feel free to come down to my third forum topic that I made recently; I'd like it if people could give me suggestions when I build. :3

    The fp is made up of this rod here:

    Mine is clear for some weird reason, but yeah, it's just the regular length firing pin.

    I have one clear one also. Although I find that it is a bit sturdier than the black ones and of course the standard grey ones.

    The fp is made up of this rod here:

    Mine is clear for some weird reason, but yeah, it's just the regular length firing pin.

    I've never have built DJ's pistol, and I designed this without basing it off of his in any way, other than the fact that his gave me inspiration (and a few structural tips, but to design something like this, some of the things he did were needed and just obvious, though they weren't deliberately copied).

    Oh, and if you notice, it has an energy transfer like the NAR, and has pretty much the same pullback. The NAR is considered a very formidable weapon in 'Knex wars,' but is usually put in an oversized rifle form. This is the solution to the problem (scaling the NAR down) with a bonus extra: the energy transfer is removable and of a new design.

    I get that you don't like single shots, though, but I like single shots a lot due to their simplicity and high ranges. To each his own, though.

    Oh, and I'm sorry if I sound like I'm just dismissing your constructive criticism, but the pistol, at least to me, isn't just a normal single shot; it gets much better ranges and can take more rubberbands due to the DOT energy transfer. Thanks for viewing!

    He doesn't have an 'ibles account, and he probably doesn't want me to tell you his e-mail here. I could make him an 'ibles account though someday. He'd most likely post some pyro technic stuff. :3 He loves blowing stuff up.

    I never thought you wanted to get his e-mail. At that point I think I was just rambling. I'm trying to train him, but right now when he attempts to build something usually it's unplanned; he'll just build something kind of random. He, as I have said before, likes blowing up stuff, and he has made special bullets that make an explosion noise when fired. If I make him an account, I'll get him to post that. :3