The Dark Mark





Introduction: The Dark Mark

This one's for all the Death Eaters out there. A simple way to get your dark mark on using home printed temporary tattoos. Like the kind you begged your parents for at the toy machines outside the grocery store.


  • Temporary Tattoo Printer Paper - Get it here
  • Scissors - Get it here
  • Damp Cloth or Napkins
  • Computer
  • Printer (ink jet or laser)

You'll also want to download my free templates, available below (desktop) or above (mobile), including the dark mark and other Harry Potter inspired tattoos. Or you could find a different tattoo you'd like to use. This can be done with any image you can print from your computer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are making a template to print from your own images, make sure you mirror them before you print onto the tattoo paper. That is, flip each image horizontally. This is because you will be transferring the image to your skin. You will get a backwards version of what every you print, so you need to print a backwards image. Especially if text is involved.

Once you have all the supplies, you can avada ke-get started on the next step.... That was bad, I know.

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial above or follow along with the written instructions and photos.

Step 2: Printing the Tattoos

Your tattoo paper will come with two white sheets of paper and two green sheets. The green ones are adhesive transfer sheets. Set those aside for now, we'll use them later.

Before you print the tattoo templates you need to know which side to print on. Take a regular sheet of plain white printer paper, draw an X on one side and print something onto it. This way you know which side your printer prints to. Now use the tattoo paper and make sure the ink prints onto the glossy side.

Step 3: The Adhesive Sheets

Peel apart one side of the adhesive sheet, line it up with the tattoos you printed and start sticking the adhesive to the tattoos. Use a credit card to smooth out the adhesive, removing any bubbles. Carefully stick the rest of the adhesive down, continuing to smooth it and remove bubbles as you go. Once you have the adhesive side stuck completely to the top of the tattoo page, cut out each tattoo with your scissors, leaving only a small amount of white space around the tattoos.

Step 4: Applying the Tattoos

Peel off the adhesive from the tattoo you want to apply. The ink should stay on the paper and the transparent side you peeled off can be discarded. Put the tattoo ink side down onto your skin. Now press and hold a damp rag onto it for about 15 seconds. The paper should easily peel off and the tattoo should be transferred to your skin.

The tattoo will last a day or two, but you can wash it off with soap, water, and a rag.

Step 5: You're Finished!

That's it, you're finished! Congratulations.

Please let me know what you think and share your creations in the comments below!

Thanks for viewing!

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    2 Discussions

    For some reason when I download the tattoo sheet my computer is not able to open it. This is the ONLY one of your AMAZING projects I've had trouble with. LOVE your HP DIYs!!!!

    That is so cool! My kid's would lose their minds if they found out they could make their own temporary tattoos. About how long do they last?