"The Death Star" Pumpkin

A very fun pumpkin carving activity is to carve your pumpkin to look like the Death Star from Star Wars. It's a lot easier than you would think, look at my photos and see for yourself.



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    I crafted one of these in 2011 for my SW son. I used a Dremel router bit to cut the outer skin. Quite a mess on the back porch! I liked the suggestion about suspending it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I woke up in a horrible mood this morning. My dog ate my 5 year old son's sugar skull he made at school while we were at dinner last night. 5 lbs of pure sugar...

    Needless to say he was really upset when he found out what happened.

    This morning when i got out of bed i stepped in a pile of dog puke. Of course. I slipped in it and landed right on my butt. Then i went outside and saw i left my drill in the rain like a moron.

    So by 6:30am this day was already a failboat.

    I tell you all this because when i came back inside I sad down, saw this instructable and laughed my ass off. thanks mate! you made my day ;p

    so awesome

    deathstar pumpkin saves the weekend

    Oh oh Oh, i made this 2 years ago and have some handy advice for an alternate version! Instead of gutting the pumpkin from the top, gut it from the side, specifically from the side that will least viewed. Next, cut a small piece of thin plywood into a circle, about 4 inches across. What ever size you cut the wood, it has to be able to just squeeze through the hole in the pumpkin. Drill 2 small holes roughly in the center of the plywood about an inch apart. Next thread about 4 feet of bailing wire through the plywood circle, much like a button. Then pierce 2 small holes on top of the pumpkin. Insert the disk, and slip the 2 ends of the wire through these holes. Now you can suspend the pumpkin, and have it glow floating in space!

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