The Denim Revolution

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A crazy DIY recycled denim bag

Step 1: Things We Need

1. a old denim pant or material that has worn out or torn.
2. a little cartoonistic pillow cover.
3.decorative materials such as beads,lacepearls, ribbons...yur wish :-)
4. I took laces and pearls coz I love them.

Step 2: Start With Our Denim....

You may cut it or may use it as it is.....As for me I used it the same way it is. I cut only the part below the knee.

Step 3: Plan It

Lay the material or the part over and decide what you wanna do....a sling or a hand bag

Step 4: Linning Is Best

Line your denim cloth with old pillow cover.(keep denim inside out)

Step 5: Stitch It

1.Take a good needle
2.Turn denim inside out
3.Place the pillow cover onthe denim
4. Stitch it with running stitch or machine would do good

Step 6: Handles

You can either buy a fancy handle or prepare your own with a bright coloured cloth.
1. I used red printed cloth
2.rolled it normally
3.stitched it tight with the denim

Step 7: Fancy Decors

As I said before I used pearls and laces.
I used fleeted laces to make the bag even more pretty....
Pearls to match with the laces.



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