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Start Running Training: Week 2

As promised, we continue with our training to start running. Touches the second week, also where we altered walking and running, but because putting more racing and less walking.

If last week I was very easy, you only have minutes of career add and subtract them to walk. Or vice versa if last week dressing that you could not endure the minutes of career. Start running is hard, but with perseverance, everyone can get it. We leave you with the second week of training:

The structure of the training is similar to previous, single week we will removing one minute of walking and adding it to the race. And the last day of the week we already put up to 8 minutes of race, separated in two batches of 4 minutes and 5 minutes’ walk from through.Venus Factor Review

With respect to the previous week, the training is thus:

7 minutes of total training (+ 7%)

6 minutes less walking

13 more minutes of career

You will see that we are progressing slowly, with the intention that we can take the training and not we choke. If you're comfortable with the training, do not be hurry, there will be more tough weeks.

And, of course, totally recommended to complement this training of career with some strength training, so we will strengthen muscles to prevent injury and stimulate muscles to improve stride.Here



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