The Double Wending Purpose Ring

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Hallo instructables....

In this session i will show you how to make yours DIY Wedding of Engagement ring by your hands and your heart. Today I made 2 different type of rings but all for the same purpose.
Actually both rings it's a gift to my wife for her devotion and her tireless love for me in our 10th anniversary on 23th of July (in 2 days). One ring for the anniversary and one more for her birthday (same day). We choose it to married at this spaecial day as a gift to her and is practical for me for many
The matterials for jewelery and special for metal is a crucial issue. Cause many people suffering of alergies on the touch of some metals, you must ask the receiver if has any pathology with common jewelery metals (like Gold, Silver) and if you use any other matel you have to ask also.

So now lets grab the materials

Step 1: Basic Metal and Materials

First of all we choose the metal we gonna work with. Here i choose gold for the first ring. Gold is countered by carats....or modern unit in grades here you may finf some useful info about the value of gold in this unit and what exactly means...For my double ring i choose 750 grades gold equal to 18 carats. Its very yellow color is ideal for that kind of ring and nice accompanient by the tiger stone i choose. The metal of the other ring is a mixture of Silver and Τin in a ratio of 80 silver/20 Tin (Sn). This gives a nice silver sanded color. Both metals are bought in form of flattern wire of 3mm. You may also buy them in pellets but you need flame torch and other tools more professional to give a form of the ring. Usualy they melt these pellets and pure them in liquid form in the matrix that represents the basic concept of the jewelery.....too much work.

10-15 gramms of Gold is ok for one ring....that means a lenth of 7-10cm in the wire form.....price...appx 52 USD
20-30 >>>>>>>>>Silver>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>3    USD
Sn (tin) metal is really cheap no worth to mention it.
A gemm stone.....mine is the famous Tiger Eye Amber....................................................................................appx  160 USD for a nice stone of  15mm X 3mm
Small Hammer
A hard metal cylinder like a piston or an axles token from my old  motorcycle.
a pair of pliers to manipulate the wires in the form you wish.
Some hot glue
Some Very accurate power glue for jewelery purpose.....bottle of 5ml.....apppx 20 USD

And  Some good music to find your mood...

Step 2: Flatten the Wires

First of all you need a general draw to have an idea how it gonna look and what you make of...

Now grap the metal wire around the metal cylinder and start hit it to flatten the wire and give your personal art  in the hammered wire. Is not difficult and no any special skill needed. But remember to flatt in the same way and only for ie 2 hits the wire...else you gonna have a ring flatterned differently in places to places. Also during this stop the job and start try the ring to have an idea how it fits in your/her finger.

After the making of the two rings you have to sand them to clean it from any dirt and cut the edjes....(these pieces of metal in case of gold we save them...usual we have a small draw or a cotton tower on our laps and the sanded remains droping on this)

Notice the difference between sanded and unsaded metal....even gold looks like a cheapie metal....
Look also the flattened wire of siler/Zn its cute but without the delicate beauty of the gold one.

Step 3: Polish the Rings

Now grab the flattened rings and polish them with a cloth. For better result i used a box full of my cat sand (dry) and inside the rings....After some mixing of about 10 min is enough for a nice shiny result.
Gold and Silver rings are well sanded and they give us their real face and value

Step 4: Decorate Them

So now we have 3 rings. One silver and 2 golden. But we need some decorations. For the Golden one i choose  the eye of tiger Amber. Gives nice effect and match with the gold. For the silver ring i choose a funny decoration. A glass ball attached to a washers.

The special glue for jewelry is expensive but is accurate without drains....but because it gets stronger during the time, is ok to support the glued objects with some hot glue. After an hour remove gently the hot glue and you will have a nice and clear result.

I hope you enjoy it this instructable. Is my first effort to jewelery section and i think I did it well. My wife loves that kinda of rings and gonna get crazy when she see them....i know. This instructable is participating to Wedding Contest so please support me by your vote if you like it and enjoy it.
Till my next instructable....I wish to you good reading and for me.......HAPPY ANNIVERSARY



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Just to clarify in Europe and round the world I believe 24 carat gold is pure gold - Much jewellery is made from 18 carat or 9 carat gold which is an alloy of gold and other metals, silver and copper often.

    See wiki

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    you have right...the 990 or 750 are grades which correspond to 24 and 18 carats. Sorry was miss typo so i fixed...