The Dust Cannon 3000

This is a simple yet cool thing to do that creates a very neat effect with dust. This is my first instructable so go easy :)

Step 1: Materials!

1. a rectangular cardboard box (size is up to you)
2. air compressor
3. a nozzle with a button on the compressor hose (optional i guess)
4. dust (i got mine at a baseball field)
5. x-acto knife
6. something to sift the dust

Step 2: Begin

First we want to cut any flaps off the open end of the box. Then cut a hole about the size of your nozzle in the closed side. You can carry this out however you want.

Step 3: Attach Hose

Just put the nozzle into the newly cut hole in your box. It should fit somewhat snug. Give it a test it you want (most of the air should come out the open end)

Step 4: Get Some Dust

I "borrowed" some dust from a baseball field. Anything you want works really (I don't suggest rocks) Then put it into a container. I used a net to sift the dust (you don't really HAVE to do this but it helps). That way there's no rocks in it.

Sorry no pic for this one (it just rained and everything was wet at the time)

Step 5: Prepare the Cannon

Now just put some of the sifted dust into the box. Make sure you put the hose in so it doesn't run out the other end. Turn on your compressor and let it build some pressure. Now the final step! Press the button on the nozzle (or whatever) and watch the dust fly!! It's almost like a fog machine to give you an accurate picture. Move the nozzle or the box around to get maximum effect. After a few minutes you should still have quite a bit of dust in their. DISCLAIMER: I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY INJURIES DUE TO THIS PROJECT. DON'T BE STUPID WITH THIS. AIR COMPRESSORS CAN BE DANGEROUS IF MISUSED. DO NOT AIM IT AT SOMEONE. THE DUST OR ANY ROCKS COULD DAMAGE SOMEONE'S EYES.

Not great pics I know. But that's all I could get.



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    I hope you know that is special "dust" called Turface which is fairly expensive. Groundskeepers go to great pains to apply that stuff and make it perfectly flat and smooth. There is tons of manual labor involved and shoveling, weeding, etc. that goes into that. What you have done there is prettymuch theft. I suggest you put it back and apologize to the groundskeeper for giving him hours of hard work.

    3 replies

    How do you suggest that I give back dust I used months ago that blew into the wind? Seriously dude it's ok we only used a little bit from a rarely used baseball field at an elementary school. Calm down it's not a big deal chief.

    Nobody's upset here except maybe whoever was on the receiving end of your 'dust gun'. Just for future reference, if you keep making trouble, you're eventually going to get caught, Indian.

    HOW IS THIS TROUBLE? Here's how my day went: we made the cannon, got maybe 5-6 cups worth of baseball field stuff, hooked up the hose, and shot into the wind for a neat effect (like a fog machine almost). How is any of this really trouble especially since flour is a much better substitute anyway? We used it once and now it sits in my room. You seriously need to stop worrying about what I'm doing and either use the instructable for a fun project or not, simple as that.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    heh if it werent for the danger of dust in eyes this would be a great prank . . .forget buckets of water above a door lol