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I came up with this wire thingy idea after watching an electrician on a job site fashion a belt tool holder from a scrap piece of #10 wire. I though, wow, that's pretty handy stuff to have on hand. So I grabbed a scrap piece and though how hand it would be if I ever needed it in my travels. It did come in handy, but I knew I could make it better!

After tens of minutes of thought and prototyping I came up with this...this, Wire Thingy. Its easily carried and use is only limited by your imagination and creative problem solving skills.

Step 1: What You Need

To do this you will need:

#10 AWG ground wire (solid wire not braided).

3/8' spearfishing tubing (got mine on Amazon)

. It has an inside diameter of 1/8".

Non-petroleum based lubricant.

Needle nose pliers.

A vice is a huge help.

Step 2: The Build

Cut off a piece of #10 AWG ground wire. I wanted my Wire Thingy to be 10", so I started with an 11" piece of wire.

Cut off a 11" piece of tubing.

The inside diameter of the tubing is just big enough for the wire to slip on, but it starts grabbing after a few inches.You will have to lube up your wire and insert it into the tubing and start working it down. Apply lube along the way. The vice helps hold while you work the tubing down.

Step 3: Finishing Touch

Once you get the wire run through, use your pliers to bend a loop into the ends of your Thingy.

Pull the tubing over those looped ends and cut.

That's it.

Step 4: Done

Your Wire Thingy is now ready to use.

You can bend your thingy into many shapes to do a variety of things. The stiffness of the wire and the looped ends, combined with the grip of the rubber tubing gives incredible strength and hold.

Step 5: Uses.....

Bend it to use as a phone holder in your car.......

Step 6: Hang Stuff

I keep mine handy around the handle of my Back Pack. It provides a good grip and doubles as a desk hanger.

Step 7: Wrap Stuff Up....

Use it as a giant twist tie.....for stuff.

Step 8: Tool Holder

Hang a tool.

Step 9: What Can You Do With One?????

Make one and share a pic in the comments below.



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    2 years ago

    The brand name version of this product is called a "gear tie". And they are quite useful to have around. Good know how to make them. Thanks!l

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I've seen those. These are stronger and have a lot more grip due to the heavy gage wire and latex tubing. Not to mention the cost of the commercial one's.