The EZegg, Breaking an Egg With One Hand




Maxim is fifteen years old and takes cooking classes in the Dominiek Savio Institute. This is not evident because Maxim has a spastic triparese, hereby he can only use one hand. Because of this problem, the cooking lessons are much more challenging for him. Breaking an egg is really difficult and often Maxim has a lot of eggshell in his cup with yolk. That is why we designed an egg break help for him. The whole process with the eggbreakhelp is based on how normally eggs are broken. First you break it on the side of a pan or cup, then you pull the egg open with your both hands. The eggbreakhelp is designed so it takes over the function of the second hand. First the eggbreakhelp has to be attached to the floor or wall. It is designed that Maxim easily can attach the tool on every flat surface. By using a succer and the foot we are able to create a strong structure where Maxim is able to pull the egg apart above a pan or pot. We made it also possible to attach it to the wall because Maxim is now also able to place the eggbreakhelp higher so he can pull the egg apart above higher pots. When the eggbreakhelp is in place Maxim only has to crack the egg on the side of the pan or pot and pull the egg open with the eggbreakhelper, all the proceedings are done with one hand.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

What MATERIALS do we need to make the EZegg?

1. polystyrene sheet
2. perchlorethylene
3. small bolt and nut
4. sucker

the sucker must work as you can see in this small movie:
we used a sucker from HAD (home and design), as you can see on the picture

What TOOLS do we need to make the EZegg?

1. brush
2. lasercutter

if you don't have a lasercutter, use a small saw or a knife to cut the different parts

Step 2: Download the File

You can download the file here:

It's a PDF file that you can use for lasercutting or as a template for the dimensions.

Step 3: Add Your Logo (optional)

If you want to add a logo or text on the EZegg, do it.
You can give the product your own touch.

(We used adobe illustrator for this)

We made one for Dominiek Savio, an institute for disabled people.

Step 4: (Laser)cut the Parts

With a lasercutter

1. Load the file into the lasercutter
2. Place the polystyrene plate in the lasercutter
3. Start lasercutting

After a couple of minutes you should have all the parts, with the correct dimensions

If you don't have a lasercutter:

1. Print the file
2. Mark the dimensions of the different parts on the polystyrene plate
3. Cut out the parts

Step 5: Connect All the Parts

If you have al the parts, you can connect them together.

You connect the pieces together by using the perchlorethylene.

Liqour the sides that you have to connect.

Connect the sides and press them together.

Step 6: Attach the Sucker

The last step is to attach the body to the sucker.

This is a simple bolt - nut connection

Step 7: Use It!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is an excellent aid for those with smaller hands or arthritis, too; as well as those who need to hold onto a cane for stability. Great device!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    this is cool...

    there is another way to crack and open an egg with one hand its more tricky than yours but if you palm the egg.. crack it.... then push in opposite directions with your thumb and ring finger to seperate the halves of the shell..... that's not a very good description but that's the general gist of it

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    if you search 1 handed egg crack on youtube there are a whole bunch of videos and i don't think that i could hope to describe it any better than they do a couple suggest holding 2 golf or ping pong balls in your hand and practicing separating them to get the feel of the hand motion (its not how i learned i just tried it one time years ago while making breakfast with my younger brother and doing stupid things that teenage boys try to do like flipping an omelet without a spatula etc)


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, but if you did it, it would be *your* video, on the world's biggest show and tell.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is brilliant! Your idea is a gift to anyone with hand problems. THANK YOU!!!