The Easiest and Cheapest Airsoft Silencer for Pistols


Introduction: The Easiest and Cheapest Airsoft Silencer for Pistols

items you will need:
1. knife any kind with teeth
2. marker
3. skewer
4. tweezers
5. airsoft pistol

Step 1: Taking Marker Apart

first remove marker back

Step 2: Remove Ink Cartridge

take you tweezers and grab the cartridge out of the marker

Step 3: Take Out the Marker Tip

use your skewer and poke out the marker tip

Step 4: Saw Off

saw off the thinner end up to the beginning of the black waves with your knives teeth

Step 5: Final Step

if you want to feel free to customize it i put camoflouge duct tape on mine but you could do whatever put your mock silencer on the end of the gun over the orange tip

Step 6:

please comment and tell me how I did on my first instructable and any other comments or questions



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    5 Discussions

    Only real men use pink or black guns lol

    wow nice job, next time try for a little better lighting.

    1 reply

    I agree with the lighting situation but overall the instructable really good

    Hey do u know any instructales about that gun u had there

    Cool now if only there was a way to screw it into the gun... Oh well this is one of the best silencers out there good job :)