The Easiest Headphone Holder

About: Computer Science student in the UK

Small things can really make a difference. I spend a lot of time at the
computer, and if I think about it, I probably put on and take off my headphones unreasonably frequently. Having nowhere to put them grates at my soul, chipping away at my mindset slowly but surely. If we approach desk-sitting like Team Sky approach cycling, we should be considering marginal gains when trying to improve, and so I present the g-clamp headphone stand. Easy to implement, easy to use, fits on any desk, simple and effective. Gone are the anarchic days of madness when I put my headphones in a random spot on the desk. Those crazy times are over. I now know where my headphones are at any time, anywhere.

As detailed on my blog.

Step 1: Attach It

I'll try not to go too fast, don't worry.

  1. Get your g-clamp
  2. Attach your g-clamp
  3. Feel the rush of satisfaction from having increased the organisation of your life, even if by a small amount

And that's it! Let me know if you have any questions, I hope I've explained the complex bits thoroughly enough.



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