The Easiest Way to Connect to Xbox Live Via Ethenet Cord! (XP Only)




Introduction: The Easiest Way to Connect to Xbox Live Via Ethenet Cord! (XP Only)

This should only cost you $20-30, maybe less if you already have an ethernet cord.
And, this will take around 5-7 minutes(maybe a little less)
This was originally posted by me(masterofdarkness) on on 10-18-2007. If you couldn't understand it there, or you never heard about it, I'll use pictures and try to describe it better.
Connecting this via your Desktop PC you should be able to use the internet with both the 360 and the PC at the same time(I can). Laptops however, you cannot.

Original Link:

P.S. Sorry if this is bad, this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Getting to the Control Panel

To begin, connect the ethernet cord to the Desktop PC/Laptop and to the back of the Xbox 360.
After that has been successful, go down and Left-Click the Start Menu and then click Control Panel.

Step 2: Getting to Network Connections

Step 1:
After getting to Control Panel, change your view to Classic View(See First Image)

Step 2:
Now, look for shortcut, Network Connections(See Second Image)

Step 3: Bridging the Connections

Step 1:
First, find the Local Area Connection that corresponds to the port on the back of your Desktop PC/Laptop.
Then, Left-Click on either Wireless Network Connection or the Local Area Connection, after that, it should be highlighted. Now, hold CTRL and click the other connection. (Example:If you first clicked Wireless Network Connection, you would then hold CTRL, and click on Local Area Connection(and vise versa)) Now Left-Click "Add to Bridge"(or something similar to that) (See First Image)

Step 2:
Now sit back on your chair and wait for the connections to Bridge themselves.(See Second Image)

Step 3:
If all goes well, you should have them in a category called: Network Bridge and the Network Bridge itself should say "Connected". (See Third Image)

Step 4: Congratulations, You're Now Connect to Xbox Live!

Congratulations, You're Now Connect to Xbox Live!



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