The Easter Egg Basket




About: Hi guys m Angel....tats wat ppl close to me call...i like all kinds of,drawing,painting,sketching,cooking, home decor everthing :) i hope u all like my instructables ^_^

Hi guys this is my first instructabe.
Its a very fun to make easter egg decor and pretty simple too.
So grab your thread and start working guys.

Gather materials:
° White glue
° Lots of thread
° 2 bowls
° 1 medium or large ballon
° scissors

B) FOR THE PAPER CLAY (to make small eggs and the bunny)
° Toilet paper
° 2 large bowls
° Premixed joint compound
° White glue(3/4 cup)
° Mineral oil(2 tablespoons)
° Flour(½ cup)
° electric mixer or blender
° clear varnish

° Lace (any color)
° Ribbon bows
° Fabric glue
° And anything else you like

Step 1: Making the Egg Basket

° Inflate the ballon and secure the ballon on one of the bowls
° Mix 1 part water with 3 parts glue in the other bowl
° Now soak the reel of thread in the glue and start wrapping it around the ballon
° Let it dry for a day and pop the ballon
° Now cut a hole in the front of the egg basket.

Step 2: Preparing the Paper Clay

° Remove the toilet from the roll and soak it in a bowl with water until its completely soaked
° Squeeze out the toilet paper and place the pulp in a separate bowl
° Measure 1 1/2 cups of toilet paper pulp.
° Now add the remaining ingredients and blend(except the varnish)
° Mix the clay until its smooth


° Take a small amount of paper clay and start molding it in an oval shape. Make lots of them.
° Let them dry over night.
° Now sand the eggs to make them smooth.
° Similarly u can make the bunny.
° Now paint your eggs and bunny as u like...use your imagination

Step 4: Decoration

° Apply the fabric glue on the lace and start sticking it on the rim of the hole
° Stick the glue on the bows and glue them the lace

Note: I used a flower punch machine to punch flowers and glued them all over the egg

Step 5: Finnishing!!

° For the base for the eggs i made a nest by using paper strips and stick them criss cross inside a bowl and leave it for an can use a ready made nest or clay for the base

° And voila your easter egg basket is ready

leave your veiws and comments... really keen to know what you think about this basket



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