The Egg "Mask" Muffin

Introduction: The Egg "Mask" Muffin

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Here's my version of a delicious breakfast English muffin with egg, cheese, bacon and mini-sausage.

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I like to call it "The Egg-Mask-Muffin" :D


1. One egg
2. One English Muffin
3. Two strips of bacon
4. Two mini sausages
5. One slice of Sharp Chedar Cheese (I highly recommend "Tillamook" once you've tried it, you'll never want anything less) :)
6. Butter
7. Ketchup
8. Salt & Pepper

"Tools" Used:

1. Frying pan
2. Bacon fat (or oil of your preference)
3. Spatula
4. Egg mold (round)
5. Toaster oven

Step 1: Fry Sausage & Bacon

In a large frying pan, add a fair amount of bacon fat (or any other oil of your preference) and pre-heat at low temperature.

Fry the mini sausages until done.

Do the same with the bacon. (I microwave my bacon on a bacon tray)

Place both on a paper towel to absorbe excess grease.

Next, slice the mini-sausages in half lengthwise as shown in 2nd photo.

Step 2: Toast Muffin

Cut English Muffin in half and lightly toast it.

When done, apply a little butter to each slice and place the cheese slice on one of them and put inside toaster to keep warm.

Step 3: Fry Egg

Next, place egg mold in center of pan. (I used the lid of a tin container as my mold which had no paint or finish on it)

Using a spoon, fill the mold with some of the oil in the pan as shown in 1st photo.

Next, carefully crack an egg into the mold as shown in 2nd photo.

Fry egg (always at low heat) and using a spoon, gently pour oil over the egg (egg-white area first) until the egg is cooked to your liking. (some like the yolk fully cooked, some in-between, and others like it soft).

If you´re using a tin lid like me, once the egg is about ready, make sure that it´s not stuck to any part of the mold by holding the mold with a pair of small tongs and inserting the spoon under the egg. If you can spin the egg inside the mold, then you´re good to go.

To remove the egg, tilt mold with tongs to slide egg out and strain for a few seconds. (see photos)

Step 4: Assembly

Place the English muffin slice with cheese on a plate and take one of the bacon strips and break it into small pieces and put them on top of the cheese. (see 1st photo)

Next, place egg on top. (2nd photo)

Add, salt and pepper to taste (3rd photo)

Take second strip of bacon and also break into small pieces and put them on top of the egg. (4th photo)

Now, place the four slices of mini-sausage on top of the bacon. (5th photo)

Add a little ketchup. (6th photo)

Apply the top of the English muffin and ENJOY! (last photo)

I hope you like it as much as my wife and I do. :D

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