The Egg Throne

Some might say that this egg throne is the easel to your canvas. This simple and easy to print throne/holder/stand will hold your eggs both during painting and showcasing. Print out several in different colors to accent you masterpiece's.

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Step 1: 3D Printing

To make the egg holder you will need either a 3D Printer or Laser Cutter/CNC Router. If you are using a 3D Printer, simply print out the attached file using your preferred settings. If you have a Laser Cutter/CNC Router, you can import the file into Autodesk's 123D Make software to slice the .stl file into 2D layers that you can then cut out of your desired material.

If you find that the holder is supporting your Easter egg's too loosely or tightly, scale the .stl file in the X, Y, or Z and print/cut again.

You can also download the .stl file from Thingiverse

Step 2: Complete!

Your finished 3D printed egg throne should look like this. Simply place the egg atop the throne for painting and use it afterwards to display your creation.

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I use soda or water bottle caps. Less complicated.

    hi, i have an idea for an extra use for this egg cup.. i have made eare stretches in the past out of wood with a very simmilare pattern. the round things some people put in their pearceings to make them larger.. im sure with a bit of finnishing these would make great ear stretchers as well as fab egg cups.

    3 replies


    I hadn't thought of the design that way before, but I guess it could work. My only concern would be the hygiene, as I have heard that bacteria can grow between the 3D printed layers, but I am not really sure if that is applicable in this situation. Nevertheless, it would still be rather interesting.

    i have to confess i have little experience but a lot of interest in 3d printing. when i make things like this in wood as jewlery to be work somewhat inside of the boddy I have looked at toy safe finnishing.. being if its safe for kids to to chew on its ok for someone to have it on their ear lobes.. I have no experience touching or inspecting a 3d print . but if it was something you were interested in developing i would think filling the grain could help in over comeing this issue. again i have no expereience so feel free to disregard the idea. but if you do decide to develop 3d printed jewlery let me know.. Im sure it could be awesom.


    Thank you for the offer but my artistic CAD skills are fairly lacking (ie. non existent) and I am pretty sure that designs for 3D Printed jewelry already exist so the effort would be null. Take this for example.