The Electronic "Kings" Drinking Game Circuit!

Introduction: The Electronic "Kings" Drinking Game Circuit!

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Hi all!
I designed this circuit about four months ago, and I had so much fun with it, that I turned it into a kit.  I designed the circuit, program, and PCB so that I could share this game with my friends.  I did NOT invent the game "Kings", but I designed the circuit.  

For those of you who do not know the game, you normally play with a deck of cards.  Each card from 2 to A (Ace) requires that the players perform a task.  There are four of each of these cards in a full deck of 52.  There are many different variations of this game, but I designed this circuit around the way that I normally play it.    Here is a video, and below are the instructions! 

Here are the rules, and the explanations:
When you draw a 2: (Take Two) - Take two drinks from your beer, or whatever it is that you're drinking. 

When you draw a 3: (Give Three) - Give three drinks to any other player.   You can divide these three drinks up if you'd like, so that three players each take one drink, or perhaps one player takes two, and another player only drinks one.  This is a good revenge card!

When you draw a 4: (Question) - The player who draws this card must ask the player next to he'she a question.  That player must answer this question with another question directed at the player next to he/she, and so on, until someone screws up.  The person who creaks the chain has to drink.  This can get tricky!

When you draw a 5: (Never Have I Ever) - The player who draws this card must recite "Never have I ever", and then something that they have never done before.  Anyone at the table who has done it, must drink.  The player who draws this card can say something that they have done, but they will have to drink with the rest of the players who have also done it.  A good example: "Never have I ever kissed a girl".  Anyone at the table who has kissed a girl in their life must drink.

When you draw a 6:  (Thumb Master) - This is my favourite.  You have a lot of power being the thumb master.  If you draw this card, you can place your thumb on the table in view of the other players.  The last player to notice and place their thumb on the table has to drink.  This is a good way to screw with your fellow players.  This is a sure fire way to get the drunkard at the table, much drunker!  You are the thumb master until someone else draws a 6.

When you draw a 7: (Sevens) - This is another fun one, but it can be confusing.  The person who draws this card must say "one!".  The next person clockwise to the drawer of the card must say "two", you keep going clockwise incrementing the numbers until someone reaches "seven".  When that happens, the person must say "Switch" instead of "seven", at which point the direction of the count goes from clockwise to counter-clockwise.  the reverse person says "eight", and so on.  Here is where it gets tricky.  Any time a person says a number with a seven in it (7,17, 27, 37, etc) they must say switch, and the count will reverse direction.  However, in addition any time a person counts a multiple of seven (7, 14/ 21/ 27/ 35/ 42/ 49, etc) that person must say switch, and the direction switches as well.  The person who screws this up must drink.  I don't recall a time when I've gotten past 49 without someone screwing up the order.

When you draw an 8: (Drinking Buddy)  - Another fun one.  The person who draws this card must pick someone who they want revenge on.  The person picked MUST drink every time the drawer of the card does for the rest of the game.  This can become a vicious cycle, because of the drinking buddy picks up another 8, they can pick someone else to be their drinking buddy, which means that whenever the initial person drinks, the first drinking buddy drinks, and the last drinking buddy drinks.  By the end of the game, a lot of chains can be made.  I like this one!

When you draw a 9: (Rhyme Time!) - The person who draws this card must say a word, and the next person clockwise at the table must say a word that rhymes with that word.  The first person who can't think of a word that rhymes, must drink.  The word must be a real word,.  Don't be a jerk and say something like "orange" or "silver"...  It takes the fun out of it!

When you draw a 10: (Categories) - The person who draws this card must say a category, such as "NHL teams".  The person clockwise must say something that fits within that category, such as "The New York Rangers".  This goes around the circle until someone can't think of something that fits within that category.  The rest of the table judges each answer.  The person who can't think of a suitable response must drink! 

When you draw a Jack:  (Guys Drink) - All of the men at the table must take a drink.

When you draw a Queen: (Gals Drink) - All of the girls at the table must drink.

When you draw a King: (Rule) - The person who draws this card must make a rule that sticks until the end of the game.  When someone breaks this rule, and are caught by anyone at the table, they must drink.  This can become very vicious.  Some examples: (No first names, no pointing, no swearing....)  You can get VERY creative here, and it is a lot of run!  You can also cancel old rules with your king card if you'd like.  The person who holds a king holds a lot of power within the game.

When you draw a Ace: (Waterfalls) - This one is messy.  The person who draws this card starts drinking.  The person clockwise must then start drinking,  When that person starts drinking, the next person in the circle must start drinking.  When the person who draws the cards stops drinking, then the first person clockwise can stop drinking.  He/she can choose to continue drinking if they want, or they can stop.  Only when the person to your right stops drinking can you stop drinking.  If you are the last person in line, this can be a lot of trouble!

Wiki holds a lot of other possibilities, which can be found here:

Step 1: Schematic Diagram

A PDF version of the schematic diagram can be found here:

There are essentially four parts to this schematic.  The power supply circuit, the PIC18F1220 Microprocessor, LED bank, and the card  draw button.

As you can see, we have a terminal block which requires a DC value of between 7v and 15v. That DC voltage is fed into a 5v regulator IC (78L05), which will offer us a supply of 5v @ 100mA MAX.  At the input, there is a 10uf capacitor for smoothing.  There is a 0.1uf decoupling capacitor at the output of the regulator to filter out any high frequency ambient spikes that may occur.  Not likely if you're using a battery, but if you're using a wall wart, it is good to implement this.

The PIC18F1220 acts to randomly select which output will light up after it detects that the user has pressed the card drawing button.  It has been programmed with a special code that I developed.  When someone presses the card selector button, the MCU detects it, and turns on one of the 13 LEDs.  The code is available in the next section.

The LED bank consists of 13x LEDs.  Each of them has a current limiting resistor on the line to protect them.  However, in hindsight, I could have designed this with one resistor only.  I guess I wasn't thinking.  Only one LED is on at a time.

The button is connected to a 10k pull-up resistor which is tied to the 5v line (VCC).  The other side of the button is connected to ground.  When someone presses the button the signal input (Pin#4) detects that 0v is on the line, and reacts.  The 10k pull-up resistor is to protect from short circuiting with pressing the button.  If you have one side of the button connected to VCC, and the other to ground,and you press the button, you're going to have a bad day, short circuit, a game reset, and an angry power supply!

Step 2: Software

The course code is assembly, and can be found here:

Step 3: Considerations:

Where to buy:
Thanks for looking at this!  i hope you liked it.  I'm selling these kits here: and

While this is a drinking game, it's not cool to get overly drunk.  You can do stupid things, or hurt yourself. Don't over do it when you play this game.  I take no responsibility for any idiocy or pain that you may subject yourself to from playing this game.

Thanks everyone!  I hope you enjoyed this! 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm genuinely surprised there were no comments or a high number of page views. I think this is a cool idea actually...perhaps putting it inside of a beverage-proof case would be better, but definitely neat. My friend is currently working on an IC controlled drinking game so I respect this. +1


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey thanks!
    That means a lot. I thought that this would be one of my best selling kits, but it is actually one of my worst selling kits =( I've brought it out with me to several parties and it was a hit!

    Anyhow, thanks so much for the comment!