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Introduction: The Element a K'nex Ball Machine

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Hi! This is our second ball machine called The Element. It has 10 paths, 4 lifts, and 8 new elements. I hope you enjoy looking at this creation and as always, feel free to favorite, subscribe, and post a comment to share your thoughts about this creation! Enjoy!

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    jvc everio gze200 I think. I'll get back to you if that's not right... Thanks.

    i see, a bit over my budget though :P

    and yes, i recently started building again. i have developed some new lifts and mechanisms, however the machine needs lots of tweeking before completion. i will post an update when some more interesting things are working :P

    I don't know where I saw this or if I came to the conclusion myself... Do you use your iPhone to make your videos? If so, nice job! It's HARD to deep them stable!

    ipod touch, but that uses the same camera :P. Indeed, apple stuff sucks with pictures and video. i now use my phone, which is quite a bit better.

    How old is it? If it's older than about 3 years, then yes it sucks. If not, it's 8 megapixels, which is great!

    if it is 3 years old it's 5 megapixels or less. :( and tat does suck. I think apple made the camera app give the video a vivid effect which made it look weird... :P

    Good to hear! All your machines in the past are amazing, and I like the new elements and lifts. It's amazing that Elevation had all new lifts! Nice!

    Yeah. :P We bought it for family video recording to replace our 15 year old tape camera :D lol.

    working on an a lot huger ball machine. 8 ft. (2.5 m) tall. That's all I'm gonna say :P (I don't now if it worked sorry if this is comment #2.)

    actually i am. i recently got interested into knex again. my next ball machine will have some interesting new stuff in it, but it is not nearly close to being finished.