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Introduction: The Elle Tie-On Slippers

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Here are a fun pair of slippers you can make. I love old movies and one of my favorite star is Doris Day in Pillow Talk. I designed these slippers with her in mind - classy yet comfortable. I could almost see Doris wearing these slippers laying about sipping iced tea talking to Rock Hudson. I have included the pattern with full directions - Enjoy!
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    I just made an altered version of these for my 7-year-old out of fleece, with no lining. We sewed up the toe a bit and they look like elf shoes or fairy shoes. She absolutely LOVES them & they took less than 20 minutes. I made them out of a fleece scrap I had lying around on a whim. I really ought to post a pic. . . . Thank you!

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    Have had no success trying to make them. Can't get the proportions correct, but would still like to keep on till I DO succeed.

    Uh, I'm kind of fail at things like this, can anyone expand on the directions a bit? Please? These are so cool and I don't want to mess up horribly.

    I made a pair this evening. I am working on a diploma in Home Economics and plan on wearing them in class tomorrow. They will be a hit, I know. What fun. I see Christmas presents for my sisters and mum in my future.

    these are amazing... i think i am going to try to make them! they are so vintage looking... which i know is what you were going for... great job!

    I saw these on the craftzine blog as well and I want to try them. Just seems comfy!