The Energizer Melon Smoothie

About: If you are reading this it is too late.

I made this smoothie out of boredom because I had a few fruits lying around my kitchen well it ended up into this. I hope you enjoy the Energizer Melon Smoothie

Step 1: The Energizer Smoothie

Serves 1 1/2

You will need the following tools and ingredients:

1 1/4 cup cut up cantaloupe

3/4 of a banana

1 cup of milk

3 figs (optional)

Ice Cubes

A food processor/Blender

1. Blend all the ingredients together in the food processor/blender for about 30 seconds

2.Pour in a cup and serve with ice

Although this may seem like a lot of sugar, all of it is from fruit which if consumed by an appropriate amount, it is not unhealthy. This is a good idea if your trying to stay awake doing work or something as an alternative to caffeine drinks like coffee.I THINK.....

Step 2:



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