The Epic-est Knife/Sword Ever:




Introduction: The Epic-est Knife/Sword Ever:

Badassness is now easier than ever before! It chops ok, but you can put all your weight behind a thrust. it uses an $8 survival knife from harbor freight and some pvc. the 3/4" pvc fits perfectly into the hollow handle of the knife. the rest is a "T" part used as a handle, and a piece large enough to act ac a brace around the arm. see pic. 2 for build info.

P.S.  By the way i have an enfield bayonet (see pic), and i'd like to make one of these with a bayonet lug attachment so it's useable as a sword and this.



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    maybe if aluminum or steel was used instead. this is not safe for any occasion.

    How durable is the survival knife

    It's very easy to make actually you can attach the pvc pipe on the forearm and baton area using a small screw or even melting it together. As for the rest it's pretty much the simplest part just take apart the knife if necessary and attach it to the pipe. If you need to reinforce the knife you can do that by screwing it on to the pvc pipe.

    That looks awesome and sharp wich is coooooooool

    It seems cool and all but this is not an instructable. If anything this is a show offable. You need to add instructions, parts list, sizing and details. I'm not being mean but there are just too many people coming onto Instructables and not instructing.

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    sorry and thank you. i figured that it was fairly self explanatory. i have updated it to help people make it. i won't make it step by step, though, because i dont want an idiot hurting himself with it.