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Time is not about the present, it is also about the past. Think about the incredible genius of the people before us who invented time as we know it by experiencing this animation. These are some pieces of information presented in the animation...

  • Modern 12 hour time invented - 2000BC (Egyptians)
  • Sundial - 1500BC (Egyptians)
  • Candle clock - 520AD (Chinese)
  • Salisbury cathedral clock - 1386AD Europe
  • Pendulum clock - 1580AD France
  • Pocket watch - 1675AD England
  • Wristwatch - 1571AD England
  • Electric clock - 1814AD London England

View this link to experience the progression of time measurement of mankind.

This project is created in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and took me 5 hours over a two day period to create. This includes the analogue clock as well as the background animation elements. It also uses 569 lines of code.

You may contact me at any time over instructables PM.

Please support this creation in the instructables "Time" contest.

I've been learning how to write computer programs since I was 12 years old and this is the first project to go truly public. I am now 15 years old :)



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    your welcome :) I like the animation of the clock face, it seems so smooth :)