The Essential Kit


Introduction: The Essential Kit

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When you look at a tin box with a sticker on it saying 'Grandpaw Broons Pan Drops' you don't think that there is anything of value in this box. Well actually there is. This is THE essential kit. You can use it in absolutely any situation. If you are in the dark. This kit is equipped with a torch. If you need some food, well you have fish hooks. Then the thread which is also in the kit, can be used as fishing line. I recommend you use strong thread if you want to use it for fishing, you also may need thread for operating on an animal. It also includes a flint and steel, compass, and other things. It is a wise idea to stab the fish hooks and the needle into some cork or blu tack so you don't stab yourself. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to favorite and feel free to comment or ask any questions.

Step 1: What the Kit Includes

- Compass, obvious reason

- Whistle to signal for help if it is near

- Pocket knife is useful for many things

- Pencil and paper has many uses. Paper can be a fire starter

- Tissue paper many uses. Can be a fire starter

- Needle and thread (dental floss). To sew up some clothes. Thread is also a fishing line. The reason to use dental floss is because it is stronger than most threads and it is waxed so it is water resistant

- Fishing hooks, only get quite small ones. Big hooks = bigger fish = too much strain on thread = snapped thread = no food = sad and hungry person

- Also may need a sinker

- Torch, obvious reason

- Flint and steel. Or some sort of fire starter

- Magnifying glass. For general interest or to start fires.



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    Ok, you do have a point about the needle. :):) scuse the pun. And they others ideas are very helpful. Thanks very much.


    2 years ago

    If you plan on doing any repair with the thread you may want to include a needle with a wide eye (for easy threading). Add a couple of band aids and maybe a few aspirin or pain relief tablets and you've got a pretty comprehensive kit for its size. Nice job.

    ok thanks very much for the suggestion. I will add it to the instructable

    I suggest you substitute a roll of unflavored dental floss for the thread. It's stronger than most threads. Also being waxed it's water resistant.