The Expat Bike Tools Cardboard Box



Introduction: The Expat Bike Tools Cardboard Box


When we are expat, or we live temporarly far from home, we often miss our workshop and our tools, and often we dont't have space to work and store tools.

I temporarly moved to UK, where I found and old bycicle to fix and to maintain. So I bought a small set of basic tools, but I don't want to waste money in tool boxes, as I have no space in my room to store it.

So I decided to find out a way to store my tools tidy and as "invisible" as possible, on the cheap and with few materials.

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Step 1: Stuff Needed

- A carboard sheet, around 60 cm x 30 cm (doesn't really matter...)

- Some rubber bands (the more you have, the bettere it is)

- Scissors

Step 2: Very Simple

Just put your rubber bands around the cardboard sheet. There is no a specific way to do that, just try to accomodate all your tools. Try and....try again...

The more rubber bands you have, the better you can accomodate your tools.

Step 3: Handle

Cut the upper part of the cardboard sheet with the scissors to obtain a handle. If you have a spare rubber band (I don't...) use it to keep the "tool box" closed.

I am sorry for my English, is not good enough to fully explain a project, but I guess that pictures have done most of the job, as the project is really simple.

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