The Experiment - a Slightly Steampunk Ninjato


Introduction: The Experiment - a Slightly Steampunk Ninjato

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This is The Experiment, named because it's the first of my swords to use a non wooden core, something that should increase its strength by a lot. Occasionally I try not to "do everything" to a sword. That is not this sword.

About the core rod: I found an online supplier and ordered both 4mm fiberglass rods and a 3mm square carbon fiber rod to try out. The carbon fiber is stiffer and much lighter than the fiberglass. It should be stronger, too, which is why I got 3mm instead of 4mm. I used the one (it's pricey) carbon fiber rod on this sword. The fiberglass, on the other hand, is much twangier, and also heavier. A lot of people find my swords a bit too lightweight, so if you're someone who likes your weapons a little hefty, by all means, try out fiberglass. Do be aware that heavy means you'll need more padding.

If you want to know more about how I made this, I made an I'ble that explains the methods behind it.

UPDATE: A lot of stuff has changed! The black line on the blade is sparkly black, but I forgot to photograph that. One of the gears changed, the jewels are way cooler now, and the handle is completely redone.



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    You could make a round rubber pommel by taking a rubber squash ball, cutting a bit off the end, gluing it to a small disc of 1/4" plywood (might want to paint it too), and then attaching a short section of threaded rod to the plywood so that you can screw the pommel on and off and swap it out with the show pommel. As for the crystal, idk... Where did you get the one you have? It seems like your only choice might be to cast it yourself.

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    That's a good idea, using a squash ball as a pommel! I need to go look up squash balls now. I can't screw into my core, though, because it's carbon fiber. Oh, well, there's other ways.

    I've had the plastic crystal thing I'm using right now for... wow, I don't even know how long. Since my early childhood. I don't remember whatsoever where it came from, but I've got a bit of a collection of things like that. Unfortunately, none of them really work as pommels. Oh, well.

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! Now imma steal it hehe XD I love your stuff, I'm thinking of making a steampunk short sword or sabre myself since My rapier idea seems unlikely to work

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    I'm glad you like it! I'm going to make a rapier-like sword soon as a gift for someone, I'll tell you how that goes. The challenge is the padding...

    I'm really jealous of how good you are with everything you make, I'm starting a project making a foam replica of a ray gun from the my chemical romance na na na music video, nervous XD

    I've just done a lot of it, it's actually not as hard as it looks! It's just a lot of little tricks. I get just as nervous XD

    Good luck with the ray gun!

    Good luck, if you need any help I have all the ideas just I don't have the materials and tools for the complex hilt that my rapier can't be without (I'm odd)